Nigga Notice

1. You need not have a wedding on a weekday.


What is that spark that makes you want to know someone? The smile you share across the room, the eye contact that is a bit too long that makes you wonder where they are from, what they do, what makes them them? It's different from simple attraction or lust. It's something that intrigues and excites, but makes you comfortable not nervous.

Second Chances

Who the hell needs a recap show... Don't punish me.. I've been watching all season. Why do I have to watch this trash when I have been watching it all cycle???? You can do the recap FOLLOWED by a new episode. I can't believe you Tyra. Same thing with Grey's Anatomy last week. What happened to our world where when you missed a show you had to wait 3 months to HOPE to see it in reruns on a holiday week?? There were no encores and you couldnt find it on your favorite cable station so that you could stay abreast. Either tape it or miss it.. say goodbye. But now there are second chances. Maybe that is what life is all about? Appreciating a second chance. A second chance to make it right, to say I'm sorry, to say I love you, to be the bigger person. A second chance to hold your head high and reach the sky, fulfill your dreams.
I want a second chance to do all of that, but I don't want a second chance to watch a show I already saw.... sorry suckas who dont prepare, but I want "fresh" episodes of ANTM on my CW!!!

nov 1.

I will be found in the cacophony
drowning deafening silence
filling gaps in spaces you never
formerly knew. noticed.
Listen closely.