Dating Woes

Ha... This has been the past 3 weeks.   And yes Ms. Smith. I am done complaining about being single.   Here are some notable moments... 

1.  "I have to push it back, I forgot Dell was coming over to fix my labtop." 
2.  " I guess I should put on some deodorant.. I usually don't wear it because it clogs my pores." 
3. While dressed in footie pajamas with a teddy bear at a Halloween party at a club... "I'm dressed as my inner child." 
4. We order the same thing..the bill is 14.69.... I place down my card.. you give me 7 dollars. 
5. Halloween party invite.."We will provide the food.. Bring a case, bring a bottle ect. Do not come empty handed." 
6. Me: "What are your thoughts on Occupy Atlanta."   You:  "Never heard of it." 
7. "You can't disappear when I need your help with my Algebra class. It's the last class I have to take to finish my associates degree." 
8. "I'm fighting the urge to be a hoarder. I have to force myself to throw things away." 


This picture is so disturbing to me... there is nothing sweet or endearing or beautiful about this to me... I feel bad.. but I think of piglets from a litter...ick

First Date

I went on a date with a girl who is super cute and super smart and super all around.  We drank, we ate, we talked... we gossiped and we laughed... it was great.. I havent been on a date in a long time...  and it was refreshing to have SUCH a good time :-)  And I'm going to see her again on Saturday :-)