Guess what I am giving up?

i am giving up alcohol for Lent. Insane. I know. I decided I needed to do something that would actually be difficult and that would net me some strong benefits. Its going to be a wild and crazy 46 days. I'll keep you posted! Are you giving up anything? do tell.


So, there are times when I think that I am totally satisfied with my life until I go on vacation. Okay so I didnt go on a serious vacay this weekend, just out to the burbs. But in GA, the burbs are like the woods anyway. So while I was out there, I lounged and ate, I didnt think about work. I played games and acted silly, fun fun fun. And then today hit and I realized OMG, tomorrow I have to go back to work.. and I dont like that. I dont miss work, I dont really wanna go to work and if they said I could enjoy a constant vacay with pay I would do it in a heartbeat. I want a job I want to go to and I dont have that.

Now I know in these economic times that I need to be grateful that I am employed, and I am! I am definitely grateful that I have a job. I am not quitting. I don't want to be a bum, But I do want to know what will make me happy to go to every morning and do, and I am not sure if I have one of those things. or maybe I do, but I'm just afraid to do it because it (costs too much money/takes time from other things/what if I'm not good at it.. fill in other excuse here) I don't know. I am temporarily down in the dumps, retuning myself to get back into the reality of life because guess what. I haven't been sleeping in months, and I need to do something different. I dont know. It's just back to reality an dI want my reality to look a little different.

anyone else ever feel this way.


So, have I eaten meat in the past 14 days? Yes. When, you ask? Superbowl Sunday I maxed some chicken wings! But other than that I haven't had any meat. I have had some cheese though. Twice. Overall, I have done some good things. Currently, I am 154. That's cool because I haven't worked out either. I have felt so much better as of late. More energy, happier, just in general feeling healthy.. so I thinK i can definitely do it for a while longer. I am aiming toward March 1, with with exception of V-Day because I am going to have a seafood EXTRAVAGANZA with the boo.

In other news...

The lady with octuplets is INSANE.

For the Love of Ray J is a Sin. (B, you better NOT be watching it.)

I did my taxes and am getting a N-i-i-c-e REFUND! yahoo

it seems ALL of my friends will be married in the next two years and I aint a bit jealous. just happy :-)

Girl Scout Cookie season is the best. I cant wait for the deliveries.

My brother is insane. Check out his 25 things(s) on FB.

I am reading books. Flowers for Algernon and The Giver (kid lit for the j-o-b)

My hair is fabulous. Still.

I am addicted to dried mangoes.

Big Love is the best!

Sweet potato fries are kinda like crack.

Do white people know we are talking about them when we point to our palms to identify someone?

My plant is STILL alive. My bamboo died.

It's hot outside, so I think I am going to have a drink now and sit on the floor like i'm on vacation.