A Case of the Mondays!

So it's Sunday night and I decide I am going to be nice and bring bagels for my team for post planning day!! (I need to get those out of the trunk tonight...gross) Anyway.. Monday morning, I wake up early leaving enough time for me to stop by Einsteins and get the bagels and make it to work... I pull in, wait in line forever cause that one guy didn't know what he was doing.. but leave out excitedly with my bagel tote in one hand and my large coffee in the other...

The day is bright and brilliant, not a cloud in the sky. I place my phone and coffee on hood of the car and set the bagels on the seat.. .sip on my french vanilla and get in the car... I crank the tunes.. roll down the windows and I'm JAMMING to Black Eyed Peas.. "Ima Be." I make my right onto the street and hear Badoombadoom doom... Bump bump.. booom.. I look on the road and there's nothing there... I turn down the radio and listen to my tires and I brush it off and sail to the red light...
Then despite my No Phone Zone pledge, I reach for my Blackberry and... okay must be in my purse.. hmm... maybe in the seat... nothing


It was on the top of the car!!! That was the boom!!! Shit Shit Shit... I picture my blackberry smashed into 2000 pieces scattered on the road... I make a super illegal U-turn... Swing around.. stop traffic and then I find it.. lying innocently on the concrete.. perfectly protected by it's rubber case...

And that's my idea of a perfect case of the Mondays!!!

Make that Money... Don't let the money make you.

Vacation over... Summer school starts tomorrow :-)


It's Sunday... and my day has officially been a day of rest. I've enjoyed resting and hanging out and I am excited because I got my scrapbook stuff out and I am ready and excited for my Scrapbook class on Friday.

I am excited for my life. Like for real, and even in the moments of worry, I find myself able to calm down and relax and just enjoy the moment. Breathe deeply and feel whole. :-)

I'm ELATED because

That is all!!

The time is....... now?

My mentee asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said no.. She said.. have you ever had a boyfriend.. I said yes. I must admit that these are personal questions, but my mentee is definitely my homie.. part of my family. We've transcended the school dynamic. Anyway. Then her eyes open wide and she says, "Are you a lesbian?!?" and I felt my eyes shift to the left, because I'm not used to lying about this anymore.. and said no. "Are you bisexual?!?!" No, i said again. She told me she thinks her bff is a lesbian. I said I doubted that... and then i taught her that being straight is also called "heterosexual" Cause she had no clue.

The long story short is... while I have no desire to spread my business among the adolescents that fill the seats at my job.. I think it might just be time for me to step out of the workplace closet.. Not in a big loud ignorant way...cause that's not just me. But as I get to know my coworkers and appreciate them more, deceit feels more and more wrong. sooooo I think it's time.

Maybe I should just...

100 proof rootbeer vodka

means... alcoholic floats aaaallll summer

In Awe

Today was a tiring day at work to say the least, but this evening there was a book signing for Pearl Cleage. She wrote What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day, an Oprah book club pick, and among tons of other stuff, including a play I saw last summer Blues for an Alabama Sky.

My mama LOVES her, so I told her weeks ago I was going to get her a book signed by her, her new book. I TOTALLY didn't feel like going after hard day, meeting, traffic, working out and negotiating my new lease (trying to)... BUT I promised Mom Dukes and what could I really say.... SOooo I went...

AND IT WAS AMAZING. Pearl Cleage is the kind of woman I'd like to grow into as I get older... smart, quick, bright, confident, calm, peaceful, genuine and honest. She is dopppppe... and I got her to sign a book for my mother.. and my mom will be so happy.... sooo it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. Each day I am surprised by how I find so many unexpected and wonderful reasons to smile :-)

Just Call Me Ms. Ikea

Sooo I realized that Ikea thinks I am smarter than I think my students are... so I'ma make them rise to the occasion... What you talkin bout Spidey? Yeah I know... Let me take you back about 3 hours.

So a playa like me is redecorating her apartment I had some little Ikea frames so I could put my pictures up. I open the box.. it has the glass front, the cardboard back and then four random clips that look crazy.. and they are NOT already attached to the frame.. so I twist it around look at it then start frantically searching the package for some kinda instructions.. Now this is Ikea, so I know I won't get words.. but a picture? some sort of graphic illustration to shed some light on this photo frame situation? I turned it upside down and all around, searched for the plastic on the floor to see if I missed something and then I realize.. damn I just gotta figure this out.. Lo and behold.. in half the time I spent looking for the instructions.. I figured it out myself.. And I felt better about myself for the discovery..

So as I go into next year I'm going to do less spelling out the way to the information and more opportunities for my kids to discover it on their own..

Little lessons learned from a 3 dollar frame..

Just Call Me Peter Brady

Who knew the Brady Bunch could be so damn deep... I'm rearranging, everything will be all good next episode ;-)