So apparently, I am addicted to getting out of stuff I don't want to do. Which makes sense to me because I mean who wants to do stuff they don't want to do. I kind of feel like because I'm me.. and by me I mean totally awesome and a hard worker and pretty effing good at everything that I do... then I should be able to do exactly what I want to do..

But according to other sources, this is causing me problems in my life because there are some things I can't get out of.. like errands!   I want to just do stuff that I want to do, and find other people to help with the other stuff.. whatever... this sounds stupid typing it.. but whatever. I'm going to work out! SOmething I don't want to do...   but for the record.. I am doing it! 

Summer Bucket List

The most hilarious gchat today ever... a friend says.. Let's make a summer bucket list and do everything on it!  Sounds awesome right?  Yes....  except.. she is the busiest person god ever created.. I mean.. when people tell me they are too busy, I always laugh and think "Heffa, you ain't Michelle Obama!"  But when it comes to this chic.. she is that busy LOL  So I'm making the list.. with 100 per cent fluidity lol and 70% confidence it'll happen..   And I'm so bogus cause I know she's gonna read this :-)  Love you!!!

1. shoot the hooch
2. Braves Game
3. Movie at Central Park
4. Etowah Indian Mounds
5. I'm going to see Aziz Ansari on June 20!!!

Mind you I'm still trying to finish my 101 in 1001 days.. which I think I have a good shot of getting all the important stuff done that isn't money dependent!

Let's do it girl!!  You might make me stick in Atlanta longer than the 4 more days I was planning!
I've found myself teeter tottering through the past few weeks hoping that I would catch myself before I fell, but I didn't my hands didnt come in front of me and the residual pain is just as I feared, of course how I anticipated, but always worse when it's fresh and new.


LMAO at my last post..

Anyway. I have official insomnia. In a way I've never had it before. usually my body is tired but my mind is racing... now my eyes are tired, but my everything else is pretty okay.. if this were summer break, Iwouldnt give a shit.. but because tomorrow is MONDAY... im annoyed.   What's racing through my mind?  Happiness... no really how I'm pretty happy.. like accepting life as it is.. doing what I need to do to make my life what it should be.. Enjoying everything that I can do and that I can be.. and just doing it for me.

I also realized that I can find closure on most things.. just not love.. There is no such thing as someone I have loved and lost... I mean the person I've lost... but the love lives right there in my heart waiting to beat itself into my soul and being when i'm just trying to take a damn nap! So... i gotta figure that out.

I have a pretty intense workout schedule on the horizon with a race to the top of the 191 Peachtree Tower building in atlanta.. and then I have a 5k on the 12th that I'm super excited about. Susan G. Komen gets me going like no other event.

:-) And i'm learning to play tennis next Saturday.... so I'm annoyed I can't sleep. Annoyed that I didnt quite clean up as much as I thought I would today..

BUUUUUT Everything is pretty cool..