So I just watched the interview with Beyonce on Oprah...  And she was likeable, she had a few jokes and some personality and she seemed like kinda cool.. Sooooo I am just adding that... still wack for Sasha Fierce.. but I must say she gets 3 cool points. 

Beyonce.... is WACK

I am... Sasha Fierce is a wack concept.  Maybe I am the only one that thinks that its super lame when celebrities have alter egos.. I mean Mariah lamed herself when she introduced Bianca, her evil dark-haired twin.  I mean come on.. the lamest thing on earth was watching Mariah fight Bianca in a boxing ring on stage.  Sing dammit, just sing. Okay, celebs.. we get it, no one understands who you are. Interviews don't really encompass the many facets of your fabulous personalities, but let's get real.  Do you really need to create a different identity in order to feel "free?" 

  Let's think of my impressions of Beyonce pre-Sasha.   I would say... Aaah Beyonce can sing and dance her ass off, but she is quite the dimwit and I think her interviews are milquetoast and drab. I'd rather watch paint dry while saying my multiplication tables, then watch an hour long interview with her.. because sometimes the light just isn't on.  But that isnt a difference between Sasha and Beyonce.. I mean everyone has that dichotomy don't we.? 

I am a teacher, so what I do for a living greatly differs from the cussing, dirty dancing, drinking chica you may run into on the weekend or heck, any time after 4:10.  But there is no need to separate those into  Kamaria and  Tequila Sunrise!   I mean  it's just lame.  Janet Jackson gives fake blow jobs on stage, but takes as soft as a baby doll in interviews.  Our favorite comedians, all admit to having the darkest pasts and saddest personalities on earth.  Beyonce is a dimwit, who was blessed to have a killer voice, banging body and amazing dance technique.  We don't need to separate the two. 

So while I love me some Beyonce, I give this new development a Womp! Womp!!  

They are at it again...

Red Lobster has ANOTHER round of commercials.. .and I almost cannot HANDLE IT!!!   Woodfire Grill. succulent scallops, lobster and shrimp served hot off the grill dripping in butter... who can say.. Oh yeah Red Lob, I don't want that!  I'd just like to eat these damn tacos  I made or order a pizza.   Nooooo. So I am trying in this economic crisis to keep my costs down.. but RL always puts a damper in my plan.  But I might just be able to make it.. if I focus on the good eatin of Thanksgiving.

Speaking of the holidays.. anyone wanna see A Christmas Carol with me? 

No on Prop 8

One of my students, who rarely does any work, or moves any brain cells or grows any dendrites, has been totally engrossed in a project as of late.  She is organizing her classmates in support of the Day of Silence to protest Proposition 8.  When I asked her what exactly she was making a poster for and collecting signatures about, she clammed up and said "Ooooh 8 is nothing, its in support of November 8th in California."  Ummm that doesn't make sense.   So she finally said, It's in support of gay marriage.  I said oh okay, carry on.  

She has 40 signatures now, and in the midst of all of my frustration about Prop 8 in Cali and the homophobic idiots I encounter every single day down here in the Bible Belt, maybe a Bible verse is speaking the truth:  And a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:6 

So that was a little silver lining, and it definitely makes me hopeful. 


I think the sexiest thing on earth is intellect. Words create fantasies that I lose myself in The stimulation of your words as they caress my ears scintillate my mind. My body arches and my knees get weak as polysyllabic words sends vibrations down my spine. This conversation began with a good morning and ended in multiple eargasms.

Proposition 8

Anyone can tell you that on Election Night, I was walking on sunshine. I was so excited and joyous, so proud and amazed that I called my family and just screamed things like "We Did it!" "Oh my God!" "I Can't Believe it!!" I hugged strangers, I danced in the streets of downtown Atlanta, I went to a club and danced to Live Your Life by T.I. I rejoiced in a moment that I know we can never forget. Victory was ours. I went to sleep and had happy dreams, a nice peaceful slumber because I had laid my burdens down.

I woke up early Wednesday morning, simply because I was excited to be alive, and remembered that Obama was not the only thing on the ballot on Election Day. I went to the NYTimes website and after smiling at a picture of the 44th president, our first Black president, I scrolled down only for my heart to sink. Proposition 8 was passed in California, passing a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in the state, overturning the Supreme Court ruling that has led to thousands of same sex couples exchanging legally protected vows.

Prop. 8 won with a margin of 52.5 percent in support to 47.5 percent against the measure. Not a landslide, but it doesn't really make a difference. Same sex couples in California have been stripped of their equal rights, which helps to close the door to similar measures passing in other states. Maybe the most troubling part to me is that exit polls show that 70 per cent of African Americans were in favor of the proposition to ban same sex marriage.

Many of the supporters claim that this amendment is necessary to protect traditional marriage. African Americans have the lowest marriage rates of any race in the United States and the highest rate of families headed by a single parent., but I imagine that by allowing same-sex couples to legally marry this would plummet even further and reak more havok in the fragile family structure of African American families. I understand the church's right to do as they please, and I guarantee, I don't want to marry in your church. But just like other little girls, I dreamed of getting married, and I don't think that the populace should have a say in its legitimacy.

I am always confounded by how African Americans so easily use religion as a tool for bigotry, forgetting the way it was used against us for centuries. Understanding that we were a threat to the family structure of whites, to the morality of their communities because we were beasts and less than human. We were 3/5 of a person for goodness sakes, and now we stand proudly in discriminating not against some other group but against each other. I simply hope that one day my Black family and friends will recognize that I am no less Black that you are, I am no less human than you are and my love is no less real that yours. When you support injustice aimed at the LGBT community, or maybe fags and dykes are the words you prefer, you are disenfranchising me.

And if you strongly disagree, I am more than willing to listen to why I deserve less rights than you...