Fave feature

One of my favorite features from my fave magazine Esquire is "out of context excerpt from a letter we aren't going to publish" 

And I am going to share a random quote from a convo you don't know about:

What are you? Some kind of lesbian monster?


Girlcation snowday

So, I've been trying to go on a girlcation but I love women too much. Its harder than giving up candy for lent!!!!!  Omg.  Soo I got a date this week and one during the weekend.  Yes yes yes.   And vday tomorrow :-)  anyone have any sexy ladies they'd like me to meet? Holla!!!!

Starry Night

I painted Starry Night by Van Gogh and it's awesome...  I am going to play trivia on Thursday.. Thinking of doing something fun on Saturday with my gay boys..  I am just trying to do it all. Do it like i'm doing it for TV.