Ghetto Ish I can't get down with

Now you know I love tomfoolery, and I love participating in ignorance. But there is just some ISH i cannot f with..

Tiny and Toya
Anything having to do with Keyshia Cole's ignant ass mama Frankie
Snap Music
BET (all)
Al Sharpton

Barack Obama in the white house and these wack niggas keeping us in the outhouse. Blows!

OMG- Michael Jackson is really dead

Soooo Tonight is the night that I realized that MJ was really dead. Yeah yeah.. I know. When he died I was out of town tending to MOH responsibilities and couldnt really marinate.. And I was thinking I mean.. MJ has kinda been MIA for the past 10 years anyway.. sooooooo yeah... And I mean he wore a surgical mask for much of the 90s, so is this really the biggest shock ever?


The Below is footage from Moonwalker.. my favorite ever....

I remembered how much I LOVE Michael. I remember playing the records on our record players of the Jacksons. I remember listening to History with my homie B. We went and got it the day it came out. We learned the Scream dance (I was janet) so we could do it ina summer camp talent show. OMG No more Michael???? WTF... I remember when I STOLE my mom's CD for the Greatest Hits of the Jackson 5. I remember jammin to Butterflies in College with my roommate.. I remember when Sony called me to tell me they would sue me if I didnt delete Invincible from my computer at college. My mom had already bought me the CD anyway (she just handnt sent it yet!!!!) Sooooo I love Michael. I hope his kids are okay. I wish the family my best. It's really sad, cause rarely does one person bring such a gift to the world. Hell I just changed the Snuggnut's ringtone to a perfect MJ song. Life is good.. Be blessed.. and Volunteer.. Michael Jackson would want you to.