I went to go ride the bike at the gym today and as I walked I realized its been a year that i have been single.  And this year has been the best year of my life. It has reconnected me with who I am and what I want, what I need and some habits that I've desperately needed to rid myself of.  I've become more happy, more content, more relaxed and more like the me that I've wanted to be.  I've cut my hair off.. I've completed two bootcamps, and Ive made some great friends.  I've conquered some fears and cultivated a few more.HA. healthy fears. like the fear and awareness that I can't lose myself  in dumbness that doesn't serve me.  I've learned to listen to my heart and my gut and dismiss my fear and insecurities cause they are not the same thing.   I'm happy with my life. I'm happy with myself.  I am just happy.  I must say... I thought that I was a relationship person, but I have learned that a relationship can take many different forms.  Some of them are healthy than others and those may not seems as attractive has the hot passionate ones we often are attracted to. But over the long haul, eating a tasty fresh salad everyday is gonna make me feel better than a bag of fries.  So I'm enjoying the salad. Loving myself enough to do what's right for me.  Realizing some of the most painful moments of my life needed to happen to mold me into who I am now, has put alot into perspective for me.. It allows me to take everything in stride and focus on the journey not the bump in the road.  A year ago, you couldnt have told me that I wasn't gonna be miserable if... I remember even begging to get back together...  womp and womp.  That woman was me, but she is no longer who i am.

Summer things to look forward to:  Rock Climbing...circus arts... swimming laps... hiking in the mountains...   Like Ernee said... We got alot of shit to do this summer... INDEED!!!