Reaching Out

In the past 3 months, I have found out that three people who are incredibly close to me were sexually abused growing up. I just want to say it to anyone who may read my blog, who may have gone through the same thing in any way shape or form that it is not your fault. You did not do anything wrong. You are so wonderful, worthy and valuable. You are loved. You are so strong for being a survivor. I support you with every fiber of my being. I do not blame you for anything that has been done to you. I am in your corner. You deserve happiness and joy and you are included in my daily prayers. I love you. If there is anything I can do to support you I will.

you can email me at if you need anything. it'll be anonymous.

I just wanted to take a moment and reach out because I can't imagine what you may be going through, and I want anyone and everyone to know that you are not alone.

Birthday Present!!

SO my Birthday is in a couple of months, but there is NO reason to wait until then to discuss birthday goodness. So here is my birthday Present!

Old School LA Gears.
Now I haven't gotten into this whole 80s style that's been sweeping the nation, but I LOVED my L.A. Gears, just like I loved my Grant Hills. THis is when I was into shoes and what they could do for me. I want these below. I wish there were some Hot Pink ones, and I would definitely be all over them. But these will do! Peep the OFFICIAL LA GEAR TAG!!! YES!!

In honor of the NBA Finals

I am not a sports fan. Fair weather fan at best, or a fan of the cutest players. So, given the stock in this Finals, frankly I don't give a damn, cause really, when it's all said and done, Spidey gets no ring, no bonus, no trophy, no bubbly, no hat and t-shirt, no nothing no matter who wins.

But in honor of the Basketball Fever that is shaking the nation, I would like to pay Homage to the men who actually made me watch the game. Ahhh you are thinking MJ, yeah I am a Chicago fan.. but nahhh.. Here is my NBA Honor Roll..

#5 Muggsy Bogues

He's tiny!! And in the NBA!! G0 Muggsy!!
I think he's the same height as me, just with a million times the skill.

#4 Chris Webber

Why? He's fine. Look at him. :-) eh, he did Tyra wrong, but he's fine! I still mad I skipped an invitation to a party where he showed up... Womp!

#4 Grant Hill

Who didn't have a pair of Grant Hills back in the day? When Fila was still hot and Grant Hill was the hottest thing out. So cute and boy next door.. Ooh I loved me some Grant Hill! And He was Rookie of the Year, along with that other guy who looks too funny to make it on the list. Go Grant. And now he is still super handsome and married to one of the most underrated singers out there, Tamia. (Listen to Stranger in My House and I dare ya to disagree.

#2 Vince Carter

Just look at him... YES!!! And he can dunk!!

#1 Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway

Gasp and Swooon.. Could I have been more in love with Penny Hardaway as a kid? I do not think so. I had both color jerseys in two different sizes so that I could be girly and cute or baggy and sporty with it. I had pictures of him up on the wall and still am jealous of the poster Enchanted had on her door. It was lifesize. All 6 feet 7 inches of that man on the wall!! He had the little Penny commercials, and I even saw wack ass Blue Chips more times than I would like to admit staring at him. ooooooh Weee.. Where is my boo now anyway?? Where for art thou Penny?

Censorship: Why we need it.

Today I was watching the MTV Movie Awards, just for a second, and the host was that guy from SNL who does the funny skits. Jizz in my Pants. Dick in a Box.. hilarious stuff.

So they decide to use music stars (the station is called Music Television, despite the usual lack of it on the channel), to come out sing a wonderful
medley of these two tunes. I'm already cracking up.

So, Leann Rhimes and Chris Isaac sing a duet of Jizz in my Pants, in a wonderfully dramatic style. I'm super cracking up. Hilarious, so gross, but hilarious. Then they introduce... Forest "Cockeye" Whitaker to sing Dick in a Box. His not-so-great singing of Dick in a Box as a ballad was hilarious too. Even better, they aren' t even bleeping the word DICK. hahaha it.. It's my Dick in a Box!

YES! I love it when the channels get all racy, late at night when grown folks are watching..

Boom. Bubble burst, and Spidey is disgusted because.. guess what.. its only 9:45 am. Children young and old are sitting in their living rooms, still in love with the newness of summer vacation and now they will be humming, or worse, singing Dick in a Box throughout their homes, or doing their chores. And once you are past the age of 8, I dont think its any mystery what "dick" is slang for.

Now, I realize I am getting old.. I for one didnt really care when Janet booby was out on CBS... and I am completely against burning books and that sorta thing, I think that everyone should have a chance to make the music, movies, cartoons, books, that they want... but shouldn't there be guidelines on when it can be broadcast of the waves? Or is that all parental responsibility?

Your thoughts?? Yay or nay to TV censorship?

And is anyone else perturbed by "I wish I could **** every girl in the world" being on the radio? I am. Maybe I already blogged about it, if so. Consider me seconding myself!