Hoarders and the future of our nation.

I think i have already posted about this... but Hoarders is my show.. It's a profile of people who hoard stuff and thus their homes are unlivable and so are their lives. It's a sensational show, but it always makes me sad because their lives must be so awful when they live like that. I don't know if there is such thing as a happy hoarder. This lady today lost her dentures in the hoard. She also had 2 dead cats in her hoard.. She also had a bathroom full of excrement because her toilet was broken for..... 6 years. I feel bad. Her daughter was crying. Her son was unattached. I realize I know some pseudo hoarders and i just hope their lives don't end up as empty as this lady right here.. cause I love y'all but I am not cleaning up your 8000 pounds of crap. Thank you

Now on to the future of our nation..
according to my students:

The Pilgrims came to the Americas for corn and to celebrate.
The flag has 51 stars because there are 51 states... Panama, Mexico, Canada are all possibilities for the 51st state.. they aren't sure.
50% of my students plan on voting at 18... some are jaded by the process already. One wants to vote for McCain... ha. The others will only vote if they can vote for Obama.. sorry shawties.. no chance.
Benjamin Franklin invented the kite, and was the 18th president

hahahaha.. Hoarders and my children intrigue me for every different, yet similarly tragic reasons. Another great day at work tomorrow.

:-) <----me at 4:10 today. :-( <---me at 6:30am tomorrow when the alarm goes off.
soooo I was going to post tonight but realized I would be whining about the same wack stuff.. waa waa waaa Spidey wants new friends.. waa waa waa.. teaching is hard.. waa waa waa.. I'm not sure if I am reaching my potential.. yadda yadda yadd but who wants to hear that again.. so I figured I'd flip the script for my 2 and a half readers... and do something I haven't done in a while.. make a list of random ish I heart!!!

1. Til Debt Do U$ Part... a show about broke folks getting un-broke!

2. Kelly Clarkson.. that white girl can sang.. goodness gracious. My fave song is "Because of You" and "Breakaway" oooh yeah and "Since You've Been Gone" and "Already Gone!" okay I love them all.. She is what American Idols are supposed to be.. Unlike that damn Rubben Studdard.. He should be sorry for 2004 and 5 and 9. I bet his mama is sorry cause they still broke. Anyway.. K-Clark is da bomb! her videos- http://kellyclarkson.com/index.htm?id=17788&sid=17772

3. Dru Hill.. those boys can SANG! I feel bad though cause I barely know anything about the members of this group.. I mean there is Sisqo of course, then Big Man (who is surprisingly agile as seen in the "Sleeping in My Bed (Remix)" video, Dark skin dude and Nokio (who really did turn it out on the "You are Everything (Remix)" (N-O-K-I-O Baby!!)) and did you know that N.O.K.I.O. stands for Nasty On Keys In Octave?? WHAT? idk either.

Anyway.. they are coming to ATL in some kinda come back tour type Blast from the Past ish.. I'll be there. Until I just noticed the tickets cost 93 dollars.. HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right.

4. Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan (the Snuggnut fave) and Euphoria by Calvin Klein.. ahh I get compliments whenever I wear them.. soo smellicious!

5. Waffle fries from Chic-Fil-A

6. Advice Columns- I love Ask Amy, The Ethicist and Dear Abby (even though her advice is usually super wack).. but it's interesting to see what random (white) folks think should be done in random situations.. its also hilarious to see what situations cause some folks problems. I mean "my brother acts crazy at every family event, how can I control him without hurting his feelings?... Easy.. forget his feelings.. cuss him out! Naaah,. just kidding.. kinda.

7. I also love Geekologie -my new favorite site!! From dumb stuff I dont have a clue about, to dumber stuff that I love.. this pleases me everyday. I love that it's on my Google Reader.

8. I love Google Reader... I love that I can go one place and see when all of my fave sites are updated... yay Google. even though i do fear how much google knows about me... but lets be real. every one knows everything about everyone these days.

9. I love Niecy Nash.. she's so hood but soo loveable! I would kick it with Niecy any day of the week.. i would roll with her anywhere.. She's like that ignant cousin that you can't get enough of!!

10. I love that everyone cool has a blog these days!!!

11. Ooh i thought of a real number 10.. I clearly did a generic one cause I couldn't think of an idea.. but i LOVE the movie School of Rock.. if you haven't seen it.. I mean who are you.. its on TBS every month like 5 times. I am watching it for the 3rd time this school year.. and if you have seen it and don't like it.. who are you??? this movie is the best. Jack Black is HILARIOUS!! so that's my vote for movies that make ya feel good.. every single time.

The Season of Giving and Thanks

Thank you Pilgrims for killing that fat turkey and starting this holiday. :-) Thank you George Washington for choosing the eagle as our national bird, so we can continue to eat the turkey!


Janet Jackson!!!!

Janet Jackson is performing on the AMAs tonight. If you know me, you know I love Janet Jackson. I love janet more than any other celebrity.
She is the only celebrity I google stalk (well I google stalk Michelle Obama, but its not as ridiculous cause I learn alot by google stalking the first lady.. I mean it's actually current events.. one might even call it cerebral) Anyway.. I google stalk Janet.. before Google.. I bought every single magazine Janet was EVER in..including Architectural Digest, when her Malibu home was shown. I heart Janet for so many reasons.. because she puts on a good show, because her songs vary in their topic, and I'm sure everyone has a favorite Janet Jam.

I think I would probably pass out were I ever to meet Janet Jackson in person, but it's on the top of my wish list. And with all my Janet-palooza of the past few weeks... Beginning with her interview on GMA and ending today with her AMA performance... It made me think about the reason why I became a janet fanatic.

It all started so so many years ago, when I was jammin to Rhythm Nation 1814 and found a song called "Lonely" on the B-side.. (ahh good ole cassettes). Have you ever read or heard anything and wondered how that person had read your thoughts? Been freaked out that someone could know exactly how you feel and put it into words that you have never known how to express.. Well that's what I got when I read the words to "Lonely" in the liner notes (aside.. digital media that makes me miss getting a new album and l
aying on my bed reading all the liner notes and being sad when they didn't have all of the words to the songs).

Anyway.. that moment is when I realized Janet is someone I should mess with... And she continued to crank out hits that made me feel great.. one day I skipped school so I could watch my janet. vhs, and I learned the whole "You Want This" video that day. I am excited for the opening in 13 minutes... and though it sounds super lame... I'm grateful that I found those liner notes, and glad that my obsession made me feel less lonely when I was an adolescent. I think knowing how good it feels to realize you are not alone, and to know that at least someone understands you, is what makes me so good with my students, so open to listen to them when they are upset, and concerned about them when they just don't seem themselves...

Alright enough.. GO JANET!!! 12 mins and counting

When you least suspect it...

Spam saves your life. I got an email with a link that told my future...


YES!!!! A doctoral program in 3 years, fully funded, with no dissertation and at Harvard.. geared towards people who are working towards being leaders in K-12 education.... Was Harvard reading my mind or searching my dreams? Must be. Not this year. Not next.. but I am so excited that I know where I want to go after I leave the classroom... Now, just to get my test scores to the top of the heap and have the data back up everythign I believe in.


New Friends

Sometimes i think it's easier to find a new job, find a new boo and find a new apartment than to find a new friend. Moving from here to there has left me at a dearth of female friends who I really like to hang out with and feel like I can be myself around... So I am trying to make new friends... but how do you do that without being creepy? I mean I wish it was as easy as being a kid when you could say "wanna be my friend?" and that was done.. you didnt have to do anything else... You could sit next to someone at school 3 days in a row and then not do anything else. BAM we are BFFs.

I have always found it difficult to make friends. I dont think I have been in very many situations where I have had to take initiative to make a friend. I just used to go to school and eventually you are friends... or you work at a job in the summer and BOOM we are friends... because in most situations everyone is in same boat and everyone is looking for friends and so you just make them... But now.. when everyone has a friend group already.. how do you make friends, without seeming like a desperate loser? Do you ask someone to go out to eat? cause isnt that like a date? or ask if they'd like to get together sometimes? thats still like a date... or for their number? or do you google stalk them and find a reason to email them so you can build a "casual" friendship.. or at least try.. OR do you jsut be honest and say.. You know I am really looking to make some new friends and was wondering if you'd like to hang out?


I'd love your feedback on this one too! What approach would make you responsive, and not creeped out if someone you met wanted to be your friend?


I went to a workshop yesterday and thought it was stupid.. and a waste of my time. I was sitting there doing the exercises thinking.. what is the point of this? Why is she still talking? Goodness I wish she (the facilitator) would hush! I've been to a lot of workshops and generally love the idea of activities and a group of people coming together to accomplish something... BUT this workshop, which was supposed to be all about combating stereotypes.. really was just about "We all have more in common than we have different" (which I think is a large generalization, which shouldn't be trusted at face value,) AND "Your first impressions aren't correct, you should wait to get to know someone first because"... revisit point number 1.

I know that. I still judge people. I know that just because someone is from another place, or race or religion or whatever than me.. doesn't mean anything really... We could still be best friends.. but I mean it still remains that I look for the black girl to sit next too..I yearn for friends from the North and I'd be hard pressed to go to a school that is not in the top tier. I was looking for the workshop to help me sort through those prejudices or really challenge my innate assertions, because I think that is one of the most important things that educators must do. It's very easy to judge students and parents based on tiny bits of information, but it's important to constantly work past that and to be able to uncover those hidden biases that we don't know we have until we are challenged by someone else with a different point of view.

By the end of the session, i was on my BB checking e-mail and tweeting and being completely rude... but she was droning on and on.. I was underwhelmed and having done some diversity training in the past left a lot of comments on my feedback form.

Sooooo later that day... I was telling my mom about it and kinda whining and complaining and she says in response to something... "that's cause you're arrogant." and I was thinking.. eh she's probably right... but how do I get over that? How do I not roll my eyes internally at people who cant put together a sentence, but are public speakers, or who are educators, but tell incorrect information? How should I feel when my time is being wasted? Or should I change my perspective so that I can find some value in time spent with others??

im ready for your feedback.. my 2 commenters. Thanks! LOL and other lurkers, you know who you are, you can comment too.

I want favored wind.

I am reading a book about writing.. which is really helping me as a writer and a teacher... and I came across this quote by Michel de Montaigne, a 16th century essayist:

"No wind favors him who has no destined port."

I dont have a destined port. I need one. I'll get back to you in December with my port destination. This will help clear up lots of things.

Where is your port? I'm grasping at straws here.