101 in 1001

Okay, so I realized I'll be 30 in less than 1001 days. So I am doing this thingy right here to complete 101 things in 1001 days, which will allow me the time to really accomplish them and commit myself to them. Some things are big.. some are small. Some I really want to do for myself and some are things that I know I should do for others. All in all... This is my plan until 30.
The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.
The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (i.e., no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (i.e., represent some amount of work on my part).
Start Date: Monday, November 23, 2009

End Date: Monday, August 20, 2012

Here ya go!! :-)

in Progress

1. Create a list of 101 things to do in 101 days.
2. Take the Mensa Test
3. Work out 25 days of one month. (March 2010.. get ready) I started bootcamp today!! 2/28 DONE- March 28, 2010
4. Read War and Peace. or some other classic that other folks should read.
5. Learn to cook good mac and cheese, and cook it all by myself.  DONE- Easter 2011
6. Meditate everyday for 30 days. Restart August 4, 2010
7. Write 10 letters to my pals. 5/10
8. Apply to Harvards Ed. L. D. program  DONE- December 14, 2011
9. Take 10 dance classes in 3 months.
10. Take A Cooking Class 
11. Cook a new meal each week for 4 weeks.
12. Call my aunts just because.
13. Pay off my credit cards. 1/2 way there!!
14. Pay off my car.
15. Pay off my Emory Student Loan.
16. Cut off all of my relaxed hair. Done March 8, 2011
17. Learn how to style my hair in its natural state.
18. Get a hot stone beachfront massage. DONE- January 5, 2012- Mexico 
19. Take a scrapbooking class.
20. Create a scrapbook for my mom's bday. - DONE  December 25, 2010
21. Take a train from Atlanta to somewhere new.
22. Update my resume.
23. Apply for a teacher abroad program.
24. whiten teeth.
25. Throw a dinner party for my besties in Atlanta.
26. Contribute to all of my babygirls and babyboys college funds.
27. Go on a cruise.
28. go to a cabin in the mountain.  DONE- July 07, 2011
29. Go to Yellowstone/Grand Canyon.

30. Make a fire in the fireplace.- DONE!!! December 12, 2010 :-)  It was beautiful.. despite the fact i made myself take a breather every 20 minutes because I was worried that I was going to die of carbon monoxide poisoning... hahaha.. but it was all fine :-)

31. Go to the top of the Sears Tower and stand on that scary glass bottom thing.- August 20, 2010.. did it for my 28th!

32. Eat 5 new foods. 5/5 I tried Gnocci 6/10/10, Carolina Baby Back Ribs 7/9/10, Lad Na Noodles, 7.23.10, Curry chicken salad this week.  Cactus Salad 1/5/2012, 

33. Jump in my car and drive to a new place. Done July 9, 2010- Raleigh, NC Okay it was totally planned, but I doubt I'll ever just hit the road LOL

34. Do 20 creative writing prompts and share 3 with people. began 11.29.09 (hard!)  Complete Gospel Stage Play with Lindsey

35. 'Unplug' for one whole weekend - no cell phone, no Internet, no TV, no computer DDONE- July 2011

36. Devote 101 hours of volunteering. 13/101

37. Add a Passport Stamp- DONE January 2, 2012 

38. at least ONE time, when you need help with something that you don't want to bother anyone with...ask for help.
39. take change and convert it into money/gift cards.
40. spend all gift cards. Olive Garden/Express/Coconuts (is this still open?)
41. Blog everyday for 30 days.
42. Do not eat out for 1 entire month.
43. Make 3 new homies. (This is going pretty well) 4/3 Hi Candace, Kimberly and Shamica, Tiko,  HA!! My friends have changed so drastically since the beginning of this.. Terri, Crystal, L Diddy, Mo... 
44. Go 1 week without going online (except for work).
45. Launch teaching blog for real.  DONT WANT TO DO THIS
46. 10 random acts of kindness. 4.1.10 10/10 Toll booth, donuts for fire fighters, trash to the recycle bin.. etc 
47. Send a birthday card to all of my friends.

48. See A Christmas Carol on stage. December 15, 2011- With my Baby! 

49. See a new Broadway play. Here we come.. Fences w/ Denzel DONE!! 6/24/10
50. Go on a picnic
51. Go Rock climbing (lightweight)- DONE-March 13, 2010!
52. Write in a journal 30 days in a row.
53. Go to a planetarium.
54. Get a crash course in car stuff... where does the oil go? how do I change a tire? etc etc
55. invest some money in something.
56. Go to Vegas.
57. Recycle. Still going.. Made my first recycling trip 3.29.10, 4.26.10, 6.12.10
58. Do not gossip for 1 week.
59. Do not curse for 2 weeks.
60. spend 1 day in silence.
61. go to church 4 sundays in a row. AND COUNTING
62. take a CPR class -

63. take 4 yoga classes (see whats really good with it). 4/4, 6/6, 6/13, 6/20, I LOVE IT.. Trying to figure out how to continue doing it more but cheaply LOL
64. Develop a business plan to prepare myself if i want to be my own boss.

65. Tip 100% to a really good waiter/waitress- DONE, 7/10... she was super cute.
66. Write down a mission statement for my life.
Go to the Botanical Garden.
68. Go to Fat Matts and get some bbq!!
69. Too private for you to know!! DONE. 7.29... n.r.
70. Ride a mechanical bull,.
71. Concoct a signature Spidey drink- Tentatively called The Tasty Wasty.. get it? hahaha- DONE!!!- At my housewarming, I made a delicious plum beverage 7/31/10

72. Talk to a stranger every day for a week. DONE!!!
73. Eat at 10 new restaurants. "The Pit" 07.09.10, Taco Mac, 7.26.10, Harry and Sons, 7.24.10, Joey Ds, 8.2.10,  Steel 11.24.10,  Wet Willies, Com, Pappasittos, Vietnamese restaurant in NYC, 
Peaches in Bed Stuy,  DONE!!!

74. Write a thank you note for a service I appreciated. Paula at FOR EYES is AMAZING!!
75. Fly first class. Treated myself to this New Years Day! 2011 :-)  AMAZING
76. Get a new computer.. don't know if I want a mac.  Got a PC  April 2011.  Like it.
77. Finish a 5k in less than 30 mins    31:32  10.2.10  35:13 05.07.11
78. Finish a half marathon. period
79. Build an emergency fund. 3 months salary.
80. Go roller skating
81. Have a kick ass birthday party.  DONE!!  August 28, 2010  yes.. go 28
82. Delete my MySpace account. - DONE!!11/27/09 Who needs Myspace anyway?
83. Find a reliable and relatable mental health professional. DONE!! 03/11/10
84. Sign up for the bone marrow registry. DONE 5/2010
85. Visit Dermatologist and get to the bottom of all this face stuff
86. Write a proposal for an educational text.
87. Truly commit to my lifetime commitment. (active in 2 ways)
88. Ride on a motorcycle. (this scares the begeezus out of me.) - asked coworker waiting till Spring
89. Donate Blood (this scares the begeezus out of me)
90. Serious multistate roadtrip
91. Go skiing- April 2012 - Denver
92. Visit a vineyard DONE!!!  12.17.10  Wolf Mountain Vineyard... AWESOME. Georgia Wine Country in Dahlonega is great and I learned sooo much!
93. GO one week without caffeine - DONE July 2011
94. 21 day fiscal fast
95. learn how to make something "complicated" from scratch (like gnocchi, or risotto)
96. give my leftovers from a restaurant to a homeless person (especially if you don't want the leftovers, there is no need to throw them away...if there isn't anyone around, just leave it neatly on the side of a garbage can for someone to find. DONE- December 15, 2011
97. tell a strange man who is being inappropriate that he is, in fact, being inappropriate
98. Finish my Happiness Project
99. when you are thinking of someone you care about but haven't spoken to in a long time, pick up the phone and call them that instant. DONE!- Called my Line Sister! (2.22.10)
100. Decorate a Munny doll!!
101. -the next time you go through a toll booth, also pay for the person behind you DONE - 6.12.10  Did it twice!  5/2011

I totally want to thank all of my lovies for helping me with this list. I love you all so much! You are my amazings.. and I see so many things in you that I wanna be and I am so glad that I have you in my life. :-) just knowing you are there is enough to make me smile on the craziest days!


flopitt said...

I love it. I want to complete the list to although I don't have as much time. I'll have to change it for me, but this is just what I was looking for! Love your blog!!!!

Spiderlgs said...

thank you so much for the compliment. I'm trying to make everyday count!! :-)) Glad I have a new reader!

AB+L said...

these are great. i can help.. some are actually things i want to do too :) viva las vegas...and greece :)

identitycrisis said...

Yay! I'm glad you finished the list.

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