Okay, so i am 4 days into the fast and I have lost 4 pounds! 4 days of no cheese, no milk, no butter, no chicken, no fish, no shrimp, no ground turkey, no nothing LOL but its going well. I am not REALLY missing it.. except for the no-booze. Teaching makes it so that there is nothing more relaxing after the end of a tough tough day than a glass of wine, or a rum and coke, on the couch with some American Idol.

I am currently reading The Giver. I am trying to grade papers. My co-teacher hasnt come to work in 3 days.. well she did, but she left early today... and told me she wont be in tomorrow. yadda yadda.. meanwhile I have tons of papers to grade. Not so sure what my kids are going to do this weekend. I just need some sleep.

A good nights sleep. So I'm gonna try to crawl into bed early tonight. G'night.


1. I finished a book already.. :-) So I am done with my book for January. Baby Proof was great. I enjoyed it.. wasnt the best book ever, but it kept me interested enough that sometimes it would run across my mind and I would wish I had the book so I could continue the story.

2. I am still 159 even with the boozing of the past 10 days.. and the aforementioned fast will start on Sunday.

3. Def have been late to work on so many occasions. I think I am going to put something up on my wall at work that says "___ days since you were late to work." Like those signs they have at factories counting their accidents..

4. I watched less tv.

Overally, I am totally chillin this weekend, between Inaugurating with the Obamas, and kickin it with my kids, I have been exhausted, soooo I am in the house this weekend, watching Big Love and drinking.. (until the fast) :-)

What are you up to this weekend?

Black Like Me.

I am officially a patriot. I took a picture with an American flag. I waved one yesterday at the Presidential Inauguration of the 44th president Barack Obama. This is not the first time politics has peaked my interest. I fell in love with American history thanks to Ms. Amdur in 10th grade. I hated and loved reading American Political Tradition by Richard Hofstadter, and loved learning about Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, and the many sides of President Lincoln. I watched the State of the Union during Clinton's final year, and was captivated because I believed what he was telling me. I voted for Gore and then Kerry and every local and state primary and general election in between. I had absentee ballots in college, and have my homepage set to nytimes.com.

But this is different. The feeling that I have had over the past 6 months, that Barack and Michelle Obama have given me is a newfound sense that I shouldn't just vote because it is my duty as a citizen of the United States and because of all of the people who died so that I, a black woman, could have the right to vote, but that I am now an American. I finally can relate to American flag t-shirts and 4th of July celebrations. I feel like I am finally an American not because the president is also Black, but because he is Black like me.

The Obamas are like me. Michelle grew up on the South Side of Chicago and even went to my high school. She travelled off to the Ivy League, but stayed committed to her people. I love the Obamas cause they kept the bass in their voices, and make me feel like now, that is American too. Finally, we have a leader who isn't stand up for my people because it is what's right, but because he is my people. I am excited. I feel a part of the American Dream, fully.

It doesn't hurt that Barack goes to Ben's Chili Bowl and says, Naaah We straight when getting his change. I SAY THAT TOO!! That Michelle and Barack started the first dance with his hand in hers, but finished it, like I did in the old school basement parties, with my hands wrapped around my boos neck. I love that he eats at Italian Fiesta and lived next to Harold's Chicken Shack. We have a shared story and shared dreams and if he is the face of America, then I know I am truly an American, now.

So, thank you Mr. President, for making the American Dream my new reality. And I stand with Michelle, and say, for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of MY country.

159 Still

nuff said. still 159.


Soooo this weekend was fun.. I had birthday festivities galore and enjoyed every moment of it.. and shall I say every calorie of cake, birthday dinner and birthday cocktails. was it my birthday? no.. but hell, I'll use any reason to celebrate.. I did well until the b-day stuff.. but I am still afraid of the weigh in im supposed to be supplying on Monday. But you'll get it.. even if I'm at my fattiest.

In other news, I am more than half way through my book, Baby Proof by Emily Giffin. I read Something Borrowed by her last year and cant wait to read Something Blue.. I recommend Something Borrowed.. i loved every page.. Anything else I need to say? I dont think so. Nothing else is topical. Later dudes.
I'll be fat on Monday :-)

How do you get a black girl to go green?

I need to start recycling. I feel like such a bum because I dont recycle because I cant throw all my recyclables in one bag like you can in Chicago when ya get the blue cans. I like it in Chicago. You just throw recyclables in this one.. food and ish in the other.. great. Done.. Take it out just the same. You have done your deed for society. i dont even recycle even though I saw An Inconvenient Truth (which SOMEONE slept through despite how riveting and informative it was!!!). So I vow by February 14 (gotta wait for the next pay check to get the new cans) I will be recycling all my stuff and aiding the nation.

So my question is, do you recycle? Do you take your own bags in the grocery store? HAve you switched your bulbs to energy efficient? What are you doing to go green?? I'm trying my best to go green. JOIN ME!!


If you haven't weight problems I feel bad for you son, i got 159 problems but my butt aint one. (Oh shut up Bran. I can hear you) That's my rhyme. I weighed myself and I weight 159 lbs. BUT I just did it while i was eating, after work and with jeans and my sweater on.. and I think im ovulating (tmi) so I'm prolly bloated!! Okay forget the BS.. i'm just glad I'm not at my fattest.

I went grocery shopping today. I got lots of healthy goodness.. NO junk.. not even a little. I ate trail mix for a snack at work and threw out the M&Ms and you know how I LOVE me some M&Ms. I am just ready to feel good. I dont even think this is so much about the weight, because as I said, with these extra few pounds.. shorty got a dunk for real for real.. Im just sick of being tired and sick of getting winded and feeling my thighs ache on steps. I'm ready to get my body back to where it needs to be.

Join me!!


Soooooo I have been trying to get back down to fighting weight for a minute now, and so I decided to blog about it so if the next time you see me I am still humungo (for me) then feel free to CALL ME OUT! And I mean call me out BOGUS like some shit that you wouldnt ever say to someone, but you think.. like when you see someone from high school at Target and you think.. DAmn she has put on like 50 pounds, she musta been eating fat back and ho-hos since graduation.. somethinglike that say that to me.

So it starts this week... I am limiting my carbs, going with healthy protein (fish) and vegetables, no fried food. After this week, I will be removing all meat, dairy and limiting my carbs even more. I will be working out 4 times a week in one way or another, eitehr working out at the gym, walkign in the neighborhood, doing the stairs at work, something to get the heart beating and the forehead sweating and then I will be super sexy.. ooh and after this weekend, I will be weaned off alcohol until further notice. Soooooo that is my plan. I would definitely LOVE to give you a weight update, but I will weigh in the mroning to let you know. And no matter how fat I am, over the next 10 weeks, I will be posting my weight, (Frightening)

As far as my other goal.. I am 111 pages into the book I am reading, Baby Proof, for march. I am going to be on time for work tomorrow. And on my road to Sasha Fierce, I got a sexy black dress as NY&Co for 20 bucks. YAY! :-)))))

So.. get ready for the hotness.

Bienvenidos a 2009!

So it is a new year. Yay! All of the excitement that comes with an opportunity to renew ourselves. I am making a list of attainable goals. Cause i really gotta get my work out game going so I actually do it and continue to do it. I feel like everytime i start working out.. seriously... I get sick.. just when I am in the groove where I love it. I get sick.. and damn can't work out.. always some sort of breathing thing that would make working out the worst thing ever. Either way my thighs are sticking together and that shit aint cute. Not even a little. I mean the Boo doesn't mind.. don't get me wrong,but I aint got the time or energy or funds to be buying new clothes and all of that shit. But the new year has started off to a decent start. The stress of going back to work is swimming all in my head. So I am just tyring to enjoy these last few days, do a little work and have fun with the babe.

There are so many things I wanna do this year so that at the end of the 2009, I can say.. HELL YEAH this was the shit, and life happens, but you have to make it crack for yourself.

Highlights of 08

Alright, so I was thinking about what I wanted in 2009, but first I gotta give some applause for 08!!

1. The definite highlight of 08 is the Snuggnut! Stay tuned, cause I got bets it's going to be the highlight of 09 too.

2. I got back in touch with my sister!

3. I made it a mission to actively reconnect with all of my girls from back in the day.. and make sure that they know how much I loooove them. And that has been the biggest blessing of the year I think.

4. I did A LOT of community service in 08.. Project Open Hand, Piedmont Conservatory, Habitat, Atlanta Food Bank.. and other stuff that I can't even remember the name but I remember the people and the blessing it is to give back.

5. My mom called me for advice.. a sister is GROWING UP!!

6. My baby girl is sooooo cute.. she is 3 and a half and just a super blessing.

7. I am working at a new school, which is making me step my game up. As hard as it is, I am soo committed to giving it the best that I have.

8. I can say I am definitely alright, spending good time all by myself.

9. I became more confident in my religious beliefs.

10. I crossed the Atlantic and saw Versailles.

11. I hiked Sweetwater Creek, played on a softball team and did all kinds of things I thought I'd never do...

08 was kinda da bomb.. 09 is bout to be like Hiroshima (well a nuclear weapon without the destruction ya know)

The highlights were great, but I think the best were the quiet moments sharing a laugh or an e-mail or a facebook message with somebody who is funny and cool, and who knows me for me. I am blessed in so many ways, so I know as much as I strive for perfection, Imust be doing something right already and I am on the right path. On the real.!