Albums that Changed My Life

Alot of people wouldn't think of me as a music head. I don't really listen to ten thousand songs or artists or catch live shows, or really venture out in my musical tastes. However, there are several albums that growing up spoke my truth. Albums that spoke words that I couldn't speak myself and articulated emotions that, until I heard the song, were brand new to me. This is in no particular order.

Oooooooooooohhh on the TLC Tip- by TLC. This album taught me to be a feminist I think! I remember so many lessons were learned from this album. I can be bad by myself, wear what I want to wear, demand what I want in a relationship and eliminate fake ass friends from my life. Now, I can't say I followed ALL of this advice, but I am glad to have songs that let me know some real ish about life at the ripe old age of 10.

Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette

My Life by Mary J. Blige

Me Against the World by 2Pac

History by Michael Jackson

Rhythm Nation 1814 by Janet Jackson

Velvet Rope by Janet Jackson

Butterfly by Mariah Carey

This post is to be continued...

grading papers

Grading papers on the weekend is the worst. I hate it.. but sometimes its a necessary evil. I guess I'm not actually grading papers right now because I am blogging. oooh well.. Since I've had a mimosa (or 2) i can get it done with and keep it moving by 3 or 4 LOL

Ahh well.

Nigga pass??

John Mayer's got one!! Or does he? Well even if he does, black women of the world.. he is not interested in dating YOU!!!
"I don't think I open myself to it," Mayer said of dating black women. "My d--- is sort of like a white supremacist. I've got a Benetton heart and a f-----' David Duke c---. I'm going to start dating separately from my d---."

He continued to say....
"Someone asked me the other day, 'What does it feel like now to have a 'hood pass?' " he told Playboy. "And by the way, it's sort of a contradiction in terms, because if you really had a 'hood pass, you could call it a n---a pass. Why are you pulling a punch and calling it a 'hood pass if you really have a 'hood pass? But I said, 'I can't really have a 'hood pass.' I've never walked into a restaurant, asked for a table and been told, 'We're full.' "

Well in response to this... I say, HELL to the naw. I think John Mayer and his white supremacist penis would get crazy ass looks in any black neighborhood and if I brought him to Easter dinner half my family would think I just had Jungle Fever, and wonder why i went for such a not cute white dude LOL . My mom has no clue who John Mayer is... GUARANTEED.. hold on let me call her and ask.. because I know my Blogreaders expect nothing but FACTS from me.. Okay.. she knows.. but whatever.. Bring him into the 100s and I don't think he'd get a good ole hood homecoming..

I mean John Mayer.. black folks listen to you.. but you are not Robin Thicke... He's got so much swag he talking about getting girls pregnant with R. Kelly( the king of niggas), Tyrese (the king of fictional niggas- Jody!) and the American Dream... hahaha, no explanation needed. Now that's a hood pass if I ever heard of one!

Why I Run...

I throw on my workout clothes, lace up my shoes and head out.. I do it quickly because nothing in me feels like running. It's been a long day- the kids were crazy, i didnt get a good night sleep. I didn't eat enough.. and all I want is to lay on the couch and have a drink.. but my Blackberry reminded me 10 mins ago that it's time to run. Before I know it.. I'm grabbing my water and my ipod and headed to the gym.

I start with the first step and find myself unable to stop. I run because I can, but unlike so many of my ancestors, I don't have to. I run because I can feel my heart pumping hard, and I know that it is getting stronger every single day. Strong in the fight against the heart disease and stroke that took my father far too soon. When it starts to hurt I force myself to continue because no one thinks that black girls really run. They scoff at me in disbelief. But I run to be strong, I run to get hard. I run because with each step I am becoming more and more me.

I love myself when I run. I love what I am doing. I love where I am going. I love what I am accomplishing. I love love me.

Lazy Saturdays

I didnt get out of bed until 8:o0pm HAHAHA> I love a lazy saturday. I watched my shows on On Demand and slept on and off. I watched Bridezilla where the girl got left at the altar and then went off to marry the guy anyway the next day.. low self esteem is real.

Today was fun... Now I have to clean and clean out my cabinets for the pesticide guys on Monday.l. a little more than 3 days notice would have been good.. but he.. at least I wont have critters.

What did you do this saturday?

The Season for Peace and Nonviolence

Jan 31-Feb 28 This time is to be dedicated to being nonviolent and peaceful in thought, action and word. There's even cool stuff to do and smile card to pass along to pay it forward.

February 1- Tell someone, a family member or friend, how much you care about them. <---did this. e-mailed my cousin. Cool beans. Yay me.

February 1 Part Deux- Appreciation- Write down 10 things that you appreciate about yourself, then read it aloud.

Now because I am a nerd I am have to define appreciation so I know I am saying the right thing.
Appreciate- to be grateful or thankful for


1. I am grateful for my sense of humor.
2. I am grateful for my commitment to learning.
3. I am grateful that I remain committed to things that matter to me even when they get tough.
4. I am grateful for my ability to forgive.
5. I am grateful for my commitment to my health.
6. I am grateful that my heart is open to be loved and love freely.
7. I am grateful that I am always looking for a way to be better.
8. I am grateful that I am becoming more open to trying new things.
9. I am grateful that I can see my faults, even when I dont want to admit them.
10. I am grateful that I have chosen a career that I really do enjoying.