So I've had my dating woes and just when you stop looking... there she is.. I met this girl a while ago.. and somehow everything aligned and we've had some great dates and some fun together... some good conversation and some sweet texts... She's out of town and I miss her.. She'll be back and I can't wait to see her.. and she brought me cupcakes. and one was carrot cake... and she just makes me feel like everything is alright.. no stress, no worries, no nothing... just fun.  :)

So I wont say too much but goodness.. when you stop looking.. there it is. :-) 


Sometimes I don't want to talk to anyone.. I don't mean communicate. I mean talk. I literally don't want to open my mouth and have to say words. It's the weirdest thing.. we can text, gchat, email, facebook.. tweet.. hell write notes back and forth.. but I just dont have the energy to talk to you or listen... maybe my auditory system is just in overload and needs a break... anyone else ever feel this way?