My Neck, My Back

Nah..... not that version!! I hurt my back. My SI Joint is inflamed. I am down for the count. Okay not the entire count, but I couldnt do my fit test today and it hurts to do everything else.. sit, stand, stretch, lie, mastur....ooh wait.. that doesnt hurt LMAO!! Sorry... I know.. you're shaking your head.. my deepest apologies..

What is my SI joint you ask? I am happy to explain...

So basically, the joint where my spine bone connects to my pelvic bone is inflamed.. on both sides.. the ligaments are pulled, the muscles are tight. See.. I not only make you laugh, but this blog educates as well!!

It sucks. I am on anti-inflammatory drugs.. WOMP... I have to rest the muscles.. and ice them... it makes me miserable... I need a massage... I need a new back... anyone got some cartilage and bone I can borrow???


It's done... LMAO... You think about it... dream about it... then you finally do it.... and...



Life is great.

Its the weekend

I fall in love with someone different each week... E then S then C, well I'm headed to the club and we shall see who it'll be tonight..

is it you... is it you.. is it you... this is for my number 1!!


Woot woot!!! Enjoy your saturday.. I sure will.

Work Crush

I fall in and out of love everyday it seems. Okay not love... lust... and something feels wonderful about the school girl crush. I might definitely get fired this year for coming on to my new coworker everyday... I really might. Hot isnt even the word. OMG... I might happen. I already propositioned her... cause.. well i'm nuts. LOL But a work crush is a def reason to get up in the morning.. and go into work nice and chipper... and get a readymade smile on my face. Same reason I always had a crush in school.. I'd choose someone in every single class to have a crush on... and it works... Hopefully I wont stare at her boobs too much..
And because of that I am going to yoga today!! I realized that it is so important to be accountable to myself the same way i am for those I love. So even though I didn't feel like going to the dentist and I'd rather watch Weeds than yoga... I already got my clean bill of mouth-ic health (is it mouth-ic or mouth-al?)) anyway... and I am on my way to work out because guess what? I love myself sooo much, that I am going to make sure I am taken care of. :-)))

What are you going to do to show yourself you love yourself today :-)??

Hey baby, wanna visit my sateen safari??

You know you do... I got a dope new set of sateen sheets to match my dope new apartment and they are in the sexiest giraffe print ever.. I slipped and slid all through the night trying to sleep as my pillow continuously slid from under my head lol ahhhhhhhh Sateen Satisfaction...

So baby, if you're down... you can visit my sateen safari for a little game of slip and slide...

Where they do that at?

Hey Lazy Lurkers..

Say something! If you read the blog just respond.. I'm trying to get a pulse of just how viral this blog is.. I'm thinking i will be like Perez Hilton or Nicole Bitchie in a few weeks!!

Alright... Hit it.

Tell me your favorite color and your favorite city and the word you hate to hear people say..

I'll go first..

Purple.. Chicago... "skinded" ie: She is definitely light skinded. womp.

Your turn....

Weekend at Fidel's
Soooo is Fidel Castro still alive? I secretly think he's sitting stiff in a chair someone in Cuba... with sunglasses and a camouflage shirt.. with that revolution beret cocked to the side...

UPDATE!! he is alive... i saw it on the news

but if you look at that pic and add a marionette string and sunglasses.. kinda still looks like Bernie!

North Carolina!!!!

Come on and raise up! Take your shirt off.. twist it around your head, spin it like a helicopter!!!!!!!


Quandry.. or Conundrum if you may...

When does being true to yourself bleed into being morally irresponsible?
I wish I knew.


Authentic Self

I have started to speak my dreams into existence. By articulating the things that I want they are coming into my life. I am doing the damn thing at my job. I have made some great people who I appreciate and who allow me to be myself. I have truly lived the truth. I have followed my gut, in times when the short term benefit would have been wonderful, and I do mean wonderful... but I've let any dis-ease in my body know that I am not on the right path. I honestly have been able to tap into myself and bring good people into my life automatically. :-) I am happy. I re-read my mission statement and it is the bomb. I wanna get an artist to make it beautiful so I can put it in my room.. or maybe thats my first art project for my apartment :-) and it will hang on the wall in the living room for everyone to see. Sounds just about right to me.

:-) I think I might be able to get a little wee one with no tonsils to help me :-)