Boot Camp... FINISHED

I finished my 30 day boot camp. I worked out.. I did the damn thing... I showed up even when it rained and even when I hated it. I was super excited that I finished everyday! And today was bootcamp graduation. I went with Snuggnut and had a great time! Two free glasses of wine... and good conversation later... I won The CONE!!! I am the greatest camper LOL Awesome... It was signed by the coaches.. and I felt really proud and accomplished... Life is good..

Oooh.. Ooooh.. And to prove that that damn thirty days was worth something.. I slipped into my Skinny JEANS!! no, not skinny leg... those jeans I put in a rubbermaid container years ago cause I realized that trying to squeeze in them every few weeks was futile.. .But I had them on!! :-)

YAY.. GO me... AND I will hit my 25th workout in 30 days tomorrow.. to complete ANOTHER thing on my 101 list.. BOOYOW! How you like me now!

Live life off the Wall!!

Number 51 of 101 Things in 1001 is Complete

On March 13, 2010, I went Indoor Rock Climbing at Atlanta Rocks... My BFF Jill from work and I went to Atlanta Rocks and turned that mother out! I wore my Michael Jackson "Off the Wall" t-shirt cause I thought the irony was hilarious. The harness made my ass look ridiculous, but I definitely felt safe in the arms and hands of Allister.. our cute little PYT instructor. He was the cutest little preppy white boy with Vans and a motorcycle. The bad boy that looks like the boy next door that you know is getting killer poon from all the girls...

But back to the Rock Climbing... Some of the walls were really hard, but we made it to the top of (most of) them. Even the ones I didn't get to the top of.. I felt great pushing myself and working my best and going past my limits.. and realizing that on a Saturday night it's just as fun to hit
Atlanta Rocks that it is to hit the club or my fave restaurant.

Boot Camp Day Whatever

Boot camp is whooping my ass.... for real... It makes me feel like I am pledging for just one hour a day... 45 mins back in hell.. But my body is looking great! I am swimming in some of my pants... my skirts fit better. I just got a little more pooch going on.. but i fit into a dress that is a size..... 4!! get it. get it. :-) I hate it.. I don't want to go.. but I feel great when I'm done... it makes me say.. I DID THAT!! It makes me go faster, further, fiercer than I would have ever gone on my own!! :-) 3 workouts left.. then I get to give you my fitness test results!

What do you say...

when your 13 year old mentee goes to New Orleans and instead of bringing you back a mug (as you requested).. she brings you a shot glass that says...
.... any ideas.. LOL


Me: What rule do you think is stupid? (related to the story we were about to read)

Student: The rule that teachers have to teach us. They should have invented robots to do it by now.

Mission Statement

My life has needed guidance. I have been taking some time to think about the life that I want and the principles that I need to follow to live that vision. My mission statement is below- something for me to constantly refer to and help me remember who I am and where I am going. This uses broad terms to guide my life.. Next step is the concrete action plan for people to forgive and engage, activities to do to take care of myself, traits I need to work on. Just sharing a part of my journey.

Mission Statement of Life

My mission is to love myself completely and fully accepting any and all doubts as a part of my natural journey.

My goal is to share my authentic self openly and fully with others.

I serve others as a way of showing my appreciation for the abundance in my life.

I nurture myself daily, weekly, and monthly in small in large ways to honor the value I see in myself.

I celebrate the god that I see in others, remembering that we are here to love and be loved and that judgment is futile.

I work to understand my family, friends, students and colleagues in a genuine way reserving judgment and pledging to meet them where they are.

I fully and continually honor my commitments to relationships, organizations, and causes that are important to me.

I uplift all negative thoughts and emotions and I pledge to retire the story of who I am, because the possibilities for my growth are limitless.

I live my potential and nurture my vision for life.

And so it is.


Today it rained. Again. The storms woke me up overnight. There was thunder and lightning. I dragged out of bed and went to work and did my job. Yay me. By the time I was driving home, I realized that something had happened. I felt lighter. I felt cleaner. I felt a release. I felt like the rain had not only cleansed the air, but also me. It fell softly on my shoulders, releasing tension and making me feel more alive.

Then I went to go kick it with Mayor Kasim Reed and CEO Burrell Ellis, cause I got it like that. :-) Today was a good day.. OOOO aaaahhh

Sunday Funday!

Today was a great sunday. I went to church and heard a wonderful talk about the importance of change and how we have to realize that change is not optional. Change is important, change is the only constant. The talk reiterated my favorite quote "Just when the caterpillar thinks the world is over, it becomes a butterfly." and it made me realize that I have more agency that I think I do when it comes to change. It helped me put into perspective the changes that I am making and working to make. It made me realize that as I grow it is okay to change, and it is important to feel the emotions of change and not be left powerless by them or make me doubt myself in the middle of them. I am strong. I have gone through change before, and made it out alive. I will go through change again and make it then too...

I also met some GREAT people today at church, which made me realize that I have changed more in the past year than I thought I did. The change is coming from the inside out. :-)

Charter school in tough neighborhood gets all its seniors into college -

Charter school in tough neighborhood gets all its seniors into college -

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A Calling

You know, I never knew what a calling was or really understood when people talked about what they were "called" to do. I never had an AHA moment when I was drawn into a career or a hobby, as if pulled by gravity. But I was thinking about it and your calling, your purpose in life comes so naturally that it is not work, it is not difficult, and it you do not second guess yourself.
That's when I realized that teaching is my calling.

When I am in front of my class, I have no fear, no anxiety and I do not second guess myself. I don't question my next movement or what would be the best. I just know. It comes from a place in me that is in complete peace. I am not concerned whether the kids like me nor am I worried about my reputation. I am patient (kinda), at peace and without any insecurity. I am like a fish in water.

That is why through budget cuts and administrative bs, I never have thought of searching for a new job. I have never imagined leaving the classroom, because what else can I do, but what I am called to do? The excitement and challenge that comes with being in front of my students, and teaching them the things they need to know, both for the test, and for their lives,... that's where my magic happens.

Are there tough days? Yes. But every day is filled with joy. Filled with a smile and an energy that fulfills me completely. There is a reason that I keep going back. That I return again and again.. and why I continue to strive to do my best.

There is a peace in knowing I have found my calling. Finding that peace has also allowed me to know what to look for in the other facets of my life. A calm, a warmth, an ease that reminds me why a life is so important to be lived.

Where do you feel that peace? Where do you feel like you are exactly where you are supposed to be?


Week 1 of Bootcamp is DONE!!!

The workouts are intense... they push you hard.. my muscles HURT.. some muscles I dont think I have ever worked out before in my life! OMG I feel accomplished.. my food log book is keeping my eating right.. So i managed to NOT put down the 2 sour patch kids I had today... BUT next week if I drink wine.. then I'll get 5 extra mins of working out.. WOMP.. i am ready to work the program though. I want to make sure that at the end of this 4 weeks.. I look GREAT! I have lost 13 pounds since January! I am feeling better.. my clothes are starting not to fit.. All in all.. Spidey is making it happen.. I need to sit and do my measurements so I have an accurate account of my progress... but rest assured.. I'm getting it in.. It reminds me of being on line.. yet I signed up for it again LOL anyway...

I'll holla at you at the end of week 2..