25 is a new bracket

So I've been 25 for month now, today... And I am realizing that I am clearly in a new bracket.I dont know what is going on in the world of the teens.. I dont watch MTV (except The Hills.. Heidi is such a bitch!) or BET..I hate the fact that 106 and Park is sooo damn loud..why is Roxci always hollering!

My students say things and mention people who I have never heard of. As I watched the VMAs, I wondered who are these people? What are these songs? I often find myself saying things that remind me of my mother, "Hey show me how to do the Soldier Boy?" or "I thought it was the Fall Out Boys? Well why is it Boy if there are more than one of them?" My students mention things about the Beef going on with Kanye and 50 Cent and I cant even think of the beat of their new singles.. I wonder where my cool went..I used to be hip..but now I feel ultra lame..Like I should be listening to Anita Baker songs on my CD player or something..

I am 25..I am more concerned with whether interest rates will drop, than when any of these celebrity babies will. Is J. Lo pregnant? I heard that on the radio..then I turned to NPR to hear about the war in Iraq and the Iowa Caucus.

I used to be concerned with other things.. but now anything that doesnt have to do with my bills or my job or my homies.. I cant manage to care longer than it takes me to laugh at the ridiculousness of it being on the news... Oh well.. I'm in a new bracket now, I guess its good that I'm getting my grown woman on.