Dru Hill!

Dru Hill is the best. I was listening to their best of CD and I was back in love. Beauty, These are the Times, those are songs that make you falll in love!! Ooooo I wonder where they went.. and were is good old R&B like that nowadays. What happened to man beginning for you.. not your body, just you! Now Lloyd is trying to "Get it Shawty" and Chris Brown wants to get it on and "Poppin" but I want someone who wants me so bad that he will "swallow me like Reese's pieces" Whatever that means lol.

Real talk, reminiscing about the fun of high school and singing at the top of my lungs is my fave thing. I miss Dru Hill and all the groups like it. Boys II Men and all of them who could sing and who could make you fall in love with them even though they were partially busted... Ahh where are those days..Now I just get to look at these little PYTs dance across the dance floor with their abs out.. so much more about lust that love.. I'm trying to get my grown woman on and I need some grown woman R&B to keep it cracking!!

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