Accent? Never

Okay.. so people always tell me my accent is SOOOOO crazy.. and I profess.. people in Chicago do not have an accent.. what are you talking about?? New Yorkers have accents, varied from Brooklyn to Long Island to ethnic enclaves that influence one with an island flavor... Atlantans have an accent, that ranges from Georgia Peach to Gutter South.. Philly has an accent that is unmistakable around the world.. And I hear random ass people with crazy accents that make me questions what backwoods area they are from.. Some who revel in the ignance like Lil Jon with his faking ass, and Trick Daddy who loves to be hood and UGK who all make money off of it all..

Then while watching Making of the Band 4, I heard some shit I've never heard before, that dude Will.. and I'm like this dude right here talks crazy as hell... the way his voice comes out all flat and shit.. what the fuck is he on.. I mean come up, enunciate your words.. where the hell is this dude from I'm asking, when my homie asks.. "Is he from Chicago?" OHHH FUCK! Yes.. it all of a sudden sounds familiar.. the same way Kanye says "rhyme" and "time" real crazy.. the same way none of my friends can say "car" and it just comes out as "cah" the same the same the same.. ACK!! That is what I sound like.. fucking crazy.. DO people think I am illiterate when I talk... do they assume that I am one wagon away from sharecropper?? and then i remember.. Maybe yes Killa, but thankfully.. your mama put you in white schools so you could assimilate.

Yes!! The tension left my shoulders, my blood pressure slowed... talking white aint such an insult after all :-)

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celishia said...

I know you wrote this forever ago but I just saw a woman at the gym with a WALKman, not a DISCman but a real tape player clipped to her hip while working out. I immediately thought of this post.

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