For the Seafood Lover in Me.

I watch a lot of TV, and most commercials I am able to watch for a little entertainment and keep it moving.. in fact a lot of commercials I do not even watch, because I always have 2 or 3 shows on deck. Except for those evil advertisements that begin with an ocean and then phase to a cracking crab leg, with butter drizzling off the juicy crab meat.. then fades to sizzling scallops sliding onto a plate with the juiciest tender rock lobster tail you've ever seen in your life.. They continue to show you perfectly blackened fish and shrimp and buttery garlicy scampi that pulls me close to the commercial.. because I think that somehow I will be able to taste the food if I get close enough, the same way I thought that if I looked hard enough at the bottom of the TV I would be rewarded with a small peak below the waist during the D'Angelo video. These sinfully delectable commercials make me not even consider my account balance and search frantically for my keys and purse so I can rush out to the nearest Red Lobster because Lobsterfest, ShrimpFest and SummerFest are always for a limited time only and can I live with myself if I live without the taste of those scallops and crablegs on the tip of my tongue... I dont think so.

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arinmaya said...

i should get a working tv/cable just to fully remember as vividly as you insist the goodness of red lobster
never as good as the first time though (says sade)--and she's right

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