Cliques Might Not be Such a Bad Idea

I used to be a mean girl and as I've become an adult.. I am not proud of it. I think I was kind of ridiculous and way too rude and basically being a dumbass trying to act big and bad so that no one saw how insecure I was... Cliques were stupid in high school... I see my students and their cliques and I think it's stupid with them too..

BUT I wish I could form a clique at my job.. I wish I could be a mean girl for like 10 mins and tell the two people on my team that I hate.. Please DO NOT talk to me. When we leave a room and do not invite you to the new location.. it is because we are trying to get away from you. Lurking around us while we are talking DOES NOT include you in the conversation and is basically just damn creepy... So... if it is work related.. send me an e-mail and I will respond at my leisure.. if it is not work related tell someone else.. and If I am ever in a group of people telling them anything and you happen to be there.. I still am emphatically NOT talking to you... so please don't respond directly to me.

But I can't do this because I mean it's unprofessional. As I typed that rant out.. I realize I have a problem and need to get over it.. BUT I mean come one.. one good cussing out might be painful for a minute.. but it would prevent another 190 days of awkward moments, eye rolling and me just basically wishing you had called in sick today...

Good thing tomorrow is Friday.

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b.goody said...

I feel you. No matter what social setting, there is always a lurker. They'll never get it. Just let em lurk.

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