New Years Eve

Today is New Years Eve.. I am currently battling allergies, respiratory infection and such... but enjoying the day helping my mom is da bomb :-)  I am just in love with my mommy dearest and wit the year I have had... I had some downs.. but I've had so many more ups that I can't even be m ad.. i dont even have any resolutions to make..  except for this one..

1. I'm doing everything that's fun! 

Everything..  if it's fun.. I;m on it.  I am enjoying each day and travelling and not worrying about the dumbness that comes with alot of things in life.  I am not sweating the small stuff.. or wondering what it is i need to do... to make this or that happen. I'm just going to live my life... and I'm going to do it for me.. not in the hopes of anything or anyone else... Just for me :-) cause that's the way I roll :-)  I love you.  I truly do.

expect the unexpected and be open to it. :-)

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