Summer Bucket List

The most hilarious gchat today ever... a friend says.. Let's make a summer bucket list and do everything on it!  Sounds awesome right?  Yes....  except.. she is the busiest person god ever created.. I mean.. when people tell me they are too busy, I always laugh and think "Heffa, you ain't Michelle Obama!"  But when it comes to this chic.. she is that busy LOL  So I'm making the list.. with 100 per cent fluidity lol and 70% confidence it'll happen..   And I'm so bogus cause I know she's gonna read this :-)  Love you!!!

1. shoot the hooch
2. Braves Game
3. Movie at Central Park
4. Etowah Indian Mounds
5. I'm going to see Aziz Ansari on June 20!!!

Mind you I'm still trying to finish my 101 in 1001 days.. which I think I have a good shot of getting all the important stuff done that isn't money dependent!

Let's do it girl!!  You might make me stick in Atlanta longer than the 4 more days I was planning!

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The other Mo, FLIA said...


Let's cross off some of your 101 list stuff. Here is what I've got:

9. - I used to go here, and will be here some Thursdays for Ballet. - I will be here some Saturdays

10. - pick a class, we will go. They only have the schedule up for June now, will have July, Aug Sept up in the next week or two. I am game for any of the date classes on Friday or Saturday. I especially think that the class on the 15th will satisfy this one and #95

19 - I have done this LOL, but the place I went closed, will look into it and see what is affordable/reasonable

25 - Waiting on my invite ;-)

36 - I can do a few of these with you if we do it on Sundays. Not sure where though. Won't be able to get you to 101 by Aug though, but I am willing to do some

53 - Don't know why you haven't done this. It's free for you. Get thyself to Fernbank!

68 - Let's do this before or after the Braves game ;-)

80 - Sunday nights at Cascade Skating Rink are always popping! If you meant some ole skating in the park, you are going to have to find someone else to roll with you

89 - Next time my church has a drive (which will probably be June or July), you will come with me on that Sunday.

Now with the addition of the aforementioned items, we might actually have a real summer bucket list going here :-).

Love ya! Mean it :-)
~The other Mo, FLIA (Flyest Lady in Atlanta)

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