Helllloooooo Nurse

I have not blogged in a long time because I said I did not have enough time. But I totally do.. Im just lazy. But I am back. Back with a vengeance. So many things to discuss. When I think about the most important thing, its Flavor of Love.. How could that be the most important thing you ask? Well, I watched it religiously (it's funny that I use that word because I definitely dont to church 'religiously', but anyhoo) and it was so embarrassing. Embarrassing that there are black women out there who want Flavor Flav's lips on them.. even for fame or money, its not worth my skin crawling and vomiting daily after contact with him... and embarrassing that they acted so crazy about it. Cursing folks out, fighting, dressing crazy... for him? for any man? i dont think so.. There is no partner in the world that is worth embarrassing yourself like that for.. or maybe its even more embarrassing to me that obviously these women are not embarrassed by their performances on the show? When it is all said and done, I must say that Flav played New York again and I mighta showed my ass (figuratively) too, if I were her, talk about embarrassment. And for Deelishus (or whatever crazy spelling he made up.. or maybe that's how he spells) She looked soooo busted without her make up and not that hot with it... But I guess she had body... ugh.. either way.. I wish i was above watching those kinds of things because I certainly am above acting that way (shut up). And its like I wonder why people talk about those that slow down to see an accident on the road. I definitely carved out an hour (and a half for the finale) to savor the Flavor of Love.

Next. America's youth.. be afraid very afraid...

Lastly, I hate that Janet's album was not so hot. I mean I like it, but I definitely bump Beyonce's more. And they didnt promote it well.. and people hate on Janet and maybe her time has come, but I think she is great. I mean I just love her and I can't wait to see her in concert cause she is going to be amazing. But such is life, if she would have sold a billion albums, I definitely would still not any help paying the rent next week.

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