Vote or Die

SOmeone told me that even after the Vote or Die campaign, Puff Diddy didn't vote. I dont know if that's true but I wonder why people do not vote. I mean unless you are under 18 or a felon there is no reason not to vote. Self-disenfranchisement is not hot at all. I mean you are leaving others to make decisions for you. It cannot be a democracy when everyone does not exercise their right to vote.. and voting is important every time, not just when the president is being decided, because the president needs a congress and we elect our congress every two years... But voting is not enough.. I think the incumbency rate in elections is over 90 percent. Meaning that once you get elected you are almost certain to remain in office term after term.. i mean unless you do something really bad.. but it has to be worse than doing drugs because we see that DC welcomed by herione addict caught on tape, Marion Berry. Either way I wish more people would vote. it is disheartening when people i know don't feel the need to vote. I have voted in every election since I could vote. Cause that's what ya do. You vote. So if you are registered to vote in this election next Tuesday, please vote. If you are not registered, get registered and vote in your next election... cause if you dont like what is going on in the world, dont bitch and moan about it, vote against it.

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