Poor Vick

I am sick of Michael Vick. I am sick of hearing about him and his charges. To be perfectly honest, I was sick of Michael Vick before I knew who he was. When I moved down to Atlanta that 7 was there on so many backs. I thought he was a white man for a year, and now I know who he is and kinda wish I didnt. I wish I didn't have to hear about his charges, whether it be about marijuana possession or dog fighting. I believe that he should be given a fair trial but I think he should also be sitting at home without pay like so many other people who have gotten caught up in the law in one way or another.

And I think that he should be ashamed and I am not going to support him. I think that if the allegations are true, he has pissed away a wonderful opportunity by getting involved in something not only illegal but highly immoral... But he is the R. Kelly or Mike Tyson of football and so black folks will continue to worship him despite what he did and how things turn out because once you achieve that kind of celebrity status, nothing can bring those black men down... and that i think is the shame of it all.. So we shall wait and see but I predict that if he is a convicted, people will have free Vick signs up.. and women will cry at his sentencing and await for his return.. cause these celebrities can do no wrong.

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