A Teacher's Tirade

I am a teacher, trained to teach. Not with the intention of it being a transition into law school or some other ballin' ass career... so I do i get treated like a moron everyday by people with online PhDs who think they are hot shit? Hmmm. I dont know. I got parents complaining cause we ask that they bring in tissues. I got meetings 4 days out of 5 day week of pre-planning, which leaves me with after hours left to plan.. I am left without a teacher's edition to the new book that I am supposed to teach out of in 4 days but i just got it yesterday.

So many days this summer, people told me how lucky I was to have the whole summer off... well to you I say.. just be glad that when you are at lunch you can eat it without 400 adolescents eating with you...heck you can probably leave your office to get it and not have to get permission from your boss.. And you probably don't look forward to the quiet moment you get on the toilet... still in the back of your mind wondering if some child has lost his mind in your office..

I do it because I love it. I had so many kids come up to me at Open House happy to see me after a summer that to them felt like forever.. and I had some parents excited to meet me cause they heard all about me but never got to meet me and they just wanted to shake my hand. I want to teach every student but I can't be responsible that every child in my classroom will succeed any more than a UPS driver can be responsible for every one of who they are trying to deliver to will be home. All i can do is keep trying again and again to deliver my message. I love kids.. I just want to know that I am respected for what I do... and not by the praise that I get from people who say, "God Bless you for tending to those kids, I know I couldn't do it."

I want to be respected by those who I serve and those who hired me by them simply trusting that I know what I am doing and that I am doing my best everyday not as a teacher but for my students. That I want them to become the people who I can look back on and say... I am really proud of the person you can become and I am happy that I had a small something to do with it. That's all.

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