Beyonce.... is WACK

I am... Sasha Fierce is a wack concept.  Maybe I am the only one that thinks that its super lame when celebrities have alter egos.. I mean Mariah lamed herself when she introduced Bianca, her evil dark-haired twin.  I mean come on.. the lamest thing on earth was watching Mariah fight Bianca in a boxing ring on stage.  Sing dammit, just sing. Okay, celebs.. we get it, no one understands who you are. Interviews don't really encompass the many facets of your fabulous personalities, but let's get real.  Do you really need to create a different identity in order to feel "free?" 

  Let's think of my impressions of Beyonce pre-Sasha.   I would say... Aaah Beyonce can sing and dance her ass off, but she is quite the dimwit and I think her interviews are milquetoast and drab. I'd rather watch paint dry while saying my multiplication tables, then watch an hour long interview with her.. because sometimes the light just isn't on.  But that isnt a difference between Sasha and Beyonce.. I mean everyone has that dichotomy don't we.? 

I am a teacher, so what I do for a living greatly differs from the cussing, dirty dancing, drinking chica you may run into on the weekend or heck, any time after 4:10.  But there is no need to separate those into  Kamaria and  Tequila Sunrise!   I mean  it's just lame.  Janet Jackson gives fake blow jobs on stage, but takes as soft as a baby doll in interviews.  Our favorite comedians, all admit to having the darkest pasts and saddest personalities on earth.  Beyonce is a dimwit, who was blessed to have a killer voice, banging body and amazing dance technique.  We don't need to separate the two. 

So while I love me some Beyonce, I give this new development a Womp! Womp!!  


T said...

Womp indeed.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Beyonce

Anonymous said...

She is Wack. She is a terrible mess. Everything that comes out of the bitches mouth is stupid! She clearly said in 1 of her interviews that she wish she was Spanish and not black! shame..

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