Words of Advice

I realized today that I need not ever solicit advice from anyone.  You know why? Because I don't ever take it. Not ever. I mean I listen. I go back and forth, I say ooh yeah that's something to think about and then I do the same ish I was about to do anyway before the hours on the phone or text. I mean cause think about it..  yeah you can learn from other people's experiences and mistakes and whatever, but I'm the kinda person that is gonna follow my gut. Even when my OWN head is saying do or don't do something.. I still go with my gut and hope for the best. LOL.   I only take advice when I call someone just to confirm my gut any damn way.  

People have given me good solid advice, tried and true, based on their experience, common sense and morality.  And I have followed some of this wonderful advice.. only to realize that it definitely doesn't work for me, after weeks of thinking awwwww.. but She is such a good person and it totally worked for her.. I should just keep trying this.. cause it's going to turn out fabulous. Only for my gut to be telling me.. Stop doing this dumb shit now.. 
So i am not accepting your advice anymore.. 

Don't give it to me. i dont want it. I'll continue to make my own f-ups and pick up the pieces as I go... 

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b.enchanted said...

A word of advice...
just kidding. I've got nothing for ya.

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