What do you know for SURE....

So every time I come home, I read all of my mom's O Magazines. I love them. I don't knwo why I am so super obsessed with it, but I must admit that I love "What I Know for Sure" page at the back where Oprah shares her pearls of wisdom. So I am thinking lately about the few things that I know for sure... keeping in mind that sure means without doubt. And the list may be small, but there are a few things that I know for sure and I would like to know yours.

1. Sometimes love is not enough to make a relationship work.

2. You have to forgive yourself in order to be happy.

3. When people show you who they are you should believe them the first time. (totally stole that from Oprah and Maya, but that is definitely true)

4. Life is hypocritical.

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identitycrisis said...

"Patience is better than settling." - Freshly copped from my girl The Maven

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