Censorship: Why we need it.

Today I was watching the MTV Movie Awards, just for a second, and the host was that guy from SNL who does the funny skits. Jizz in my Pants. Dick in a Box.. hilarious stuff.

So they decide to use music stars (the station is called Music Television, despite the usual lack of it on the channel), to come out sing a wonderful
medley of these two tunes. I'm already cracking up.

So, Leann Rhimes and Chris Isaac sing a duet of Jizz in my Pants, in a wonderfully dramatic style. I'm super cracking up. Hilarious, so gross, but hilarious. Then they introduce... Forest "Cockeye" Whitaker to sing Dick in a Box. His not-so-great singing of Dick in a Box as a ballad was hilarious too. Even better, they aren' t even bleeping the word DICK. hahaha it.. It's my Dick in a Box!

YES! I love it when the channels get all racy, late at night when grown folks are watching..

Boom. Bubble burst, and Spidey is disgusted because.. guess what.. its only 9:45 am. Children young and old are sitting in their living rooms, still in love with the newness of summer vacation and now they will be humming, or worse, singing Dick in a Box throughout their homes, or doing their chores. And once you are past the age of 8, I dont think its any mystery what "dick" is slang for.

Now, I realize I am getting old.. I for one didnt really care when Janet booby was out on CBS... and I am completely against burning books and that sorta thing, I think that everyone should have a chance to make the music, movies, cartoons, books, that they want... but shouldn't there be guidelines on when it can be broadcast of the waves? Or is that all parental responsibility?

Your thoughts?? Yay or nay to TV censorship?

And is anyone else perturbed by "I wish I could **** every girl in the world" being on the radio? I am. Maybe I already blogged about it, if so. Consider me seconding myself!

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b.enchanted said...

Oh yeah, I totally hate that song, and when I hear my students singing it..ugh.
I couldn't agree with this post more. I'm definitely for free speech on all levels, but common sense should have radio and tv stations broadcast certain things at certain times. I'm sure tv execs wouldn't have wanted their 5 year olds watching UnCut during their after school snack.

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