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I wont say I'm going natural, but I decided to not get a touch up cause I dont feel like the burn. Part of this is very painstaking. It has been painful not being able to run my fingers through my ever so sleek tendrils.. but refreshing to be able to wash my hair whenever I want to. I have been trying some different looks.. some have been hit and some have definitely been a miss... and I'm trying to not keep my self esteem so wrapped into my hair (even though the prospect of having wonderfully fabulously thick and curly hair is a motivator) .

I have gotten some strange looks, especially working in a school... especially from my 13 year old students who dont know anything about anything... but I also know that some of my days have been worse hair days than others. I am just trying to surrender myself to the control that comes with hair that isnt going to lay perfectly straight when I shake out my wrap every morning. My b-day is thursday and it is SO tempting to get a fresh touch up.. but I also wanna make 27 a year of new things and new challenges for myself.. so we shall see...

This transition will be interesting. I'll keep you posted

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identitycrisis said...

Check out this website for ideas and general info - and a friend of a friend just started a hair blog but hasn't really put much on it yet - I LOVE her hair though.

I can also try to answer any questions you have as I try to grow my hair back out. :-/

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