One of my friends says she doesnt watch much tv... like three shows a week WTF. Isn't it sad that if I watched that little tv I dont know what else I would do to fill the time. I mean clearly I look around and there is tons to be done.. talking to friends,reading books, cleaning the house. laundry, lesson planning, working on stuff, writing, .. but all of that stuff requires energy.. physical or mental or both.

This is when i realize I am a lazy bum. I wanna veg out in front of tv because its a cheap thrill. But with all this brain power.. I should be getting the pay off of an expensive trip.. if TV meth, I should be getting that premium cocaine high.. cause well why the hell not..

How do I combat my laziness and get it crackin. Do I start with just turning off the tv and seeing what happens??? But how will i fight my curiosity of what's going on on RHOA, Dark Blue, Burn Notice, Intervention, Hoarders, Without a Trace, Law and Order (all), America's Best Dance Crew etc etc etc...

I need help :-(


b.enchanted said...

Don't change anything. Your friend is a lame who knows nada about pop culture.

identitycrisis said...

Do you want to stop watching so much TV? If not, I'm with b. However if you do, change your location if you want to get things done - go to a different room in the house, remove a TV from a room or go to a coffee shop or library to read and do lesson planning, etc. Also, get a DVR if you don't have one - that way your aren't scheduling your life around TV and you can just play catch up when you have time or just pause to go get your laundry.

I generally have to leave to get anything productive done. I haven't had a TV in my bedroom since freshman year in college so I could always use bedtime to read but now that there is a TV in my bedroom picking up a book seems extra hard to do, even when there is nothing on TV.

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