book lover

I got a new library card today. I moved, and so now I live in a municipality with a different library system and I am in love with the fact that the country created libraries. SO many books.. so little time.. you can browse and peruse.. you can read and re-read.. and all for free. (until you turn your books in late, which I always do) But whatever.

Just enough for the nerd in me to get a little high. Nothing better than looking through rows and rows of books of all different titles.

I also bought some used book at a book sale at my school this weekend. i wonder who has read them and what they thought.. did they finish it.. did they love it or hate it.. do they feel the same feelings I feel as I read the book...hmmm


identitycrisis said...

I love used books stores. Whenever I went out of town I would shop for books (like there aren't used books stores in Chicago) and have overweight bags on my return trip. Now, I only buy books I can fit in my purse when traveling and look for titles to get from the library.

What books are you reading now? I need more suggestions.

Just saw your list. Did you create your vision board yet?

b.enchanted said...

Me too! Books are definitely the best. Canada sis and I have our own little book club where we try to read books we otherwise wouldn't once a month. I love used book stores too, but not in Chicago. Something about saying you bought a book in a different city or country just seems more exciting. Even if you never get around to reading it.

Hey, maybe you me and IC can have a book discussion a few times a year on a book we all read?

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