Let's stop talking about it...

So, Derrion Albert was like the saddest thing all week. Derrion. Kermit. I'm sure you could add a name of a young black man killed over something dumb. True, Derrion was an honor student and Kermit was a college student, but every death is just as senseless when its over gangs, or drugs, or bullshit or just because. I am committed to stop talking about change from my Ivory Tower. Stop pontificating on the socioeconomic factors and the culture of poverty or the gentrification that may or may not be a factor, and I am committing myself to doing something to stop the bs.

1. I am already a mentor, but I am pledging to take those relationships beyond the superficial and commit more of my time and energy to my mentees.

2. I am going to look into volunteering more at programs that provide a safe haven for kids to stay off the street. Then after I look into it, I am going to commit to it.

What are you gonna do? We can't wait for the government or some city initiative. and where you are, I promise down the street there are kids who wish they could see a way out, and a different choice for their life...

How are you going to Be about it?

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identitycrisis said...

I used to be a mentor until my last year in grad school conflicted with almost everything but breathing. I need to get back into that but in a more meaningful way as you stated. Though my work will ideally be working with and counseling children, I'd love to use those skills as a volunteer to teach conflict resolution and coping skills. There's so much to be done. I just have to make a way.

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