Taylor Lautner

Is Taylor Lautner undeniably attractive? YES. I mean, if you have seen New Moon, or any of the pictures from New Moon, or his body or anything having to do with his abs, arms, pecs, back, shoulders. well you get the point... . If you don't just look up!

I TOTALLY want him to be my little ManBoy crush.. I mean a little PYT that I can think is super de duper cute...and the added lust of feeling a little dirty about it. Kinda like when I was in college and saw the B2K video and.. well you know.

However, I can't simply get there with TayTay. He just feels like such a sexy lame.. and not in the ooh Sexy Nerdy kinda way.. where you wear glasses and know geeky computer stuff.. He's a sexy lame like. OMG I want you off of this screen cause you have a weirdo robotic voice.. like Doogie Howser.. but with Doogie Howser, I mean come on. he was a 16 y/o doctor.. it fit.. If Doogie had a body like Whoa.. we'd all have been confused then too as he typed away on the ORIGINAL BLOG! Think about it... yup.. (BTW. i loved Doogie Howser!)

But I digress. Tay also just feels stiff.. like I just wanna shake him up and make him dance.. jump around, scream or something... He's the guy in college that I'd invite out every time so that I could get him drunk and see what he's REALLY like.. Yet, I do not know Mr. Lautner... only as Jacob Black or Sharkboy through the screen...

But I certainly hopes he gets heart throb make over by the time he turns 21.. so he can come out as some sexy action star with no shirt and hot sexy scenes with some wild woman.. think Sliver w/ William Baldwin (who used to be my boo) or that kinda Matthew McConaughey sexy heat where you just wanna growl.. OR even better... my sexy boo from Grey's Anatomy Eric Dane... YES!!! Okay.. Tay has potential.. I certainly hope this is a summit and not a peak!

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