Guess who's bizzack?

Light skinned men!!!!!
Yes! Or maybe they never left. Now I will admit to holding on to the fact that Morris "sexual chocolate" Chestnut is the finest man that has been ever born unto this Earth,
but I must admit... last night I was blessed by seeing hella fine light skinned dudes.. And being enraptured by them.. Like hello..what have I been thinking.. yella might be betta.. light might be right!!!

Actually, in truth, I must say... Light skinned and dark skinned have both always been in. I mean I look at sexy men all the time and they have a nice range.. I guess I don't really have a type.. maybe a type that I like to date and be serious with... but if we are just talking about sexy... hmmmm I've been known to call out white dudes who (if I were devoid of my own personal standards of conduct) I would take in the back for about..hmmm say...15 mins. 20...alright 45..

For example.. Dr. McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy. Forget McDreamy. I'm talking about McSteamy...

Holla!!!! This is officially my boo and i hear that he is coming back to Grey's Anatomy next season.. so I can get my vanilla fix every THURSDAY (cause GA is changing its schedule, take note) I don't mind a little leche in my cafe! Teehee

Ahh.. all this to say I love sexy men.. white black yellow puertorican or haitian.....holla!!

Something about the style, the swagger, voice, good conversation, pretty teeth, a nice behind, a style of dress.. any and all can make a gentleman drop dead sexy... and also... sexy abs.. 6 or 8 packs.. dont hurt, not even a little :-D

Ahh and my secret lust.. men with glasses.. put them on.. wear them proud.. Myopics of the world.. unite.

Did I also mention I love a nerd... yes!!

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