Just Call Me Ms. Ikea

Sooo I realized that Ikea thinks I am smarter than I think my students are... so I'ma make them rise to the occasion... What you talkin bout Spidey? Yeah I know... Let me take you back about 3 hours.

So a playa like me is redecorating her apartment I had some little Ikea frames so I could put my pictures up. I open the box.. it has the glass front, the cardboard back and then four random clips that look crazy.. and they are NOT already attached to the frame.. so I twist it around look at it then start frantically searching the package for some kinda instructions.. Now this is Ikea, so I know I won't get words.. but a picture? some sort of graphic illustration to shed some light on this photo frame situation? I turned it upside down and all around, searched for the plastic on the floor to see if I missed something and then I realize.. damn I just gotta figure this out.. Lo and behold.. in half the time I spent looking for the instructions.. I figured it out myself.. And I felt better about myself for the discovery..

So as I go into next year I'm going to do less spelling out the way to the information and more opportunities for my kids to discover it on their own..

Little lessons learned from a 3 dollar frame..

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