The time is....... now?

My mentee asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said no.. She said.. have you ever had a boyfriend.. I said yes. I must admit that these are personal questions, but my mentee is definitely my homie.. part of my family. We've transcended the school dynamic. Anyway. Then her eyes open wide and she says, "Are you a lesbian?!?" and I felt my eyes shift to the left, because I'm not used to lying about this anymore.. and said no. "Are you bisexual?!?!" No, i said again. She told me she thinks her bff is a lesbian. I said I doubted that... and then i taught her that being straight is also called "heterosexual" Cause she had no clue.

The long story short is... while I have no desire to spread my business among the adolescents that fill the seats at my job.. I think it might just be time for me to step out of the workplace closet.. Not in a big loud ignorant way...cause that's not just me. But as I get to know my coworkers and appreciate them more, deceit feels more and more wrong. sooooo I think it's time.

Maybe I should just...

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