And a child shall lead them

I have a mentee. She is awesome. Last night, I was up late and woke up tired.. worked summer school, burned WAY too much gas running errands and then barely had a chance to change my clothes, and in the midst of all of that.. I wasn't really having the best day ever. Therefore, at 2:30 when it was time for me to get up and go pick her up for her birthday soiree, I wasn't feeling it... then it started to rain .. I mean POUR on the way... and I began rehearsing my sorry to do this to you speech..

"Doll, Sorry to do this to you, but I'm just going to take you home because I'd rather not drive downtown in this rain. I promise i'll make this up to you on another day." I was ready to totally ditch her and then be back in the bed or on the couch by 4.

But I got to the school, the rain let up... and I saw her bobbing down the steps and I knew I couldnt... I hung up the phone with my mom loving her little pep talk...

The day was fun.. we talked and had a good time, but I was still having a hard time shaking my general malaise... when my Sugardumpling says.. "Look at what I found today."

Out of her pocket, she pulls a tiny tiny stone, about the size of a dime that says, "Let Go, Let God" And at that moment, I knew I was in the right place, with the right person and that life is always right.

Even when it doesnt feel good... life is right.. So I will promise to Let Go and Let God because my life is awesome. It truly is.. and sometimes you need a newly turned 14 year old to remind you exactly what you need to do!! :-))))

Thanks Doll.

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