Crazy Courtiers

So, I've been reading historical fiction lately, which I knew was a gamble because I love love love history and when you start writing about it with a fictional twist, I'm thinking damn I need to google all of this shit so I can see whats true and what's not... so I do alot of googling, but I've caught the vapors with The Other Boleyn Girl and The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory.  I am all into the scandal of the court.  I mean when I think about the fact that all your life is lived in a palace and so you are trying to angle your way into the best marriage with the best person, and you can't move and meet some new folks and if the king says so.. it is.. DAYUM. I dont know if I could handle that....

Also. Anne Boleyn was a bitch... I feel like that Kanye verse in Deuces goes straight to her!!  She was trippin.. so overwhelmed with power and shit.. that she was a BITCH!!! 

I mean seduce a king.. become queen and end up with your head in a basket.. hot damn.. I feel bad for the chic.. but she kinda got what she deserved.  oops.

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