Yo Yo Yo

So my minister left the church in September.. and church just hasn't been the same. So I haven't been going and I have totally completely missed having my weekly nourishment. I mean, I read and I journal and I pray everyday, but something about having a spiritual teacher give you a message once a week just makes a difference..

So without my weekly word.. I've found myself detached, off center, just messed up in the game... and I have found myself dwelling on the things that I don't like about my life.. both small and large... whether it be... the annoying fact that my fingernails are weak and brittle, or the check engine light on my car...or the different relationships that I am over critiquing to my personal demise... and that shit is stupid.

Focus on negative and what do you get? more negative..

so bump that.. let me tell you some of the awesomeness I got going..

1. my mommy is the best.

2. I got new perfume

3. I got new plants and they are beautifully odd

4. I got new chucks!

5. I get to spend 50 hours a week doing what I love to do with people who I truly truly do love.

6. I have friends and family who call me just to say I was thinking about you.

7. I have money. well enough to do what I need to do and some of what I want.

8. I got treated to free meals yesterday :-)) WOOT WOOT!

9. My friends trust me.

10. I wake up happy. And go to sleep happy.

11. She is the shit!! For real. :-)

12. Her legs... yes!!!!!!!!!!!

13. I went to spoken word and the poet actually said "I'm going to twix on your mounds" as a part of his sex poem and it was HILARIOUS. I bust up laughing.. hahahaha small moments kick ass.

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