Yo... ive been focusing on the wrong thing and now its time to go back to the right things... sooo I've never done this before.. but I am doing it now.. going on Girl Strike... yeah.. I need a girlcation... They are just taking over too much of my brain space.. and so now i'm going to just focus on me.. working out.. handling business.. and eating right.. and leaving these hussies alone... okay.. I never really messed with hussies before... but ya know.. leaving these women alone.. They gotta go.. out of my brain space and out of my pocket book.. Sure I'll kick it.. sure we can hang out.. but I am officially focusing on my friends and my family and not that other stuff...  And as I focus on the right things... I know the right things will come in my life... thank you thank you thank you... :-) 

Affirmation: I am focused on those things in my life that bring me happiness and bring comfort and security. I release everything that brings feelings of insecurity, discomfort, or fear.  My thoughts will make my life bigger and fuller than ever before. :-)

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