Bizarro Dreams

So I had this dream the other day that I was getting married and I was looking around and my father wasn't there and so I went ahead and got married anyway... My mom asked what was wrong and I told her Dad wasnt there and then she said.. oh, I didnt know you had invited him..and I said, yeah I did... She said oh, i'm sorry honey..

Next day, we are having a brunch and he strolls in in a nice summer suit, I must say, with a woman behind him.. I couldn't see her.  I noticed that my Dad looked really good.. and he came with all smiles and hugged me.. and I said, where were you yesterday?  and he said... Oh, well I figured since I'd see you here, I didnt need to come yesterday.. I'm here now babe.. You look great.

So I slapped him... he said more.. and I slapped the shit out of him again...

then I woke up from the force of the slap.

I mulled over this for a few days.. I'll tell you how I resolved it in the next post... 

ahhh, YUP, cliffhanger bitches!!!!  Keep my readers coming back ;-)

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