The Curious Case of Lace Fronts

Why, why, why, black women, must we wear lacefronts?   It does not look nice. It doesnt look beautiful.  You look insane. Your fake hair makes you look fake and in more case curiously more insecure than the confidence you have tried to embody withyour hair flowing down to your thighs. 

When you decide to get those China Doll bangs like Foxy Brown, ala 1996, you look insane too.  When you put the red or blonde in the back you look even more disturbing... and when you pair it with face eyelashes and all kinds of body tattoos... i find you.. hmmm depressing? I can't quite think of the word.

And lastly... why must your daughters succumb the same fate. Why does she need to have 20 lbs of hair on her head... and even worse.. you dont even get her a lace front.. you just put tracks in the back of her head... then as her new growth grows out, you send her to school looking worse and worse each day.. her desperately brushing her mane, hoping that with it, she will grow some self esteem..but sadly, but showing her that her hair isnt good enough.. you taught her she isnt either. So she will add layer upon layer of fake hair, fake color, fake padding and fake attitude... hoping someone will notice her... because she doesnt think she is good enough just as she is..

The thing about lace is that its beauty is often betrayed by its delicacy.. What is beautiful at first glance.. then turns into an intricate pattern of holes... that we can all see through... right to the knotted wooden table, or scarred leg that lies underneath.  

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b.goody said...

I hate you for this title. I love you for it just as much.

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