Pulling at the Seams

I feel like my body is attacking me.  I mean  i am attacking my body but it feels better to seem that its involuntary.   I have gained an appreciable amount of weight over the past 18 months.. and I've tried for a while some half-assed attempts to get it off.. But now I have to get serious.   Something clicked this morning that I have to do it.  for me.

And none of my summer clothes fit.

So today, after deciding to forego driving to church and deciding to listen to it on podcast, I got on my work out clothes (some of which also don't fit)(and when spandex doesn't fit..its sad).  and I took my dog for a 45 min walk.  It wasn't brisk, there as no jogging, but it was 45 mins of activity. 45 more than yesterday.

I came back and drank some water and had some yogurt.  I am going to be mindful of what I put in my mouth and purposeful about my body getting exercise.  There is no longer any excuse.

I've found myself not looking at myself in the mirror, unless it's just my face.  I've found myself in an odd back and forth with body acceptance and avoidance and sadness, and joy.  I finished a half marathon a few weeks ago in 3.5 hours.    I danced all night long at a wedding yesterday.  I get out of breath coming up the steps.

I have to make sure I am taking care of me. Because I am TOTALLY sick of hearing this song everytime I get dressed.
Muffin Top

But today I worked out... now it's time to clean up and get ready for spring break to be OVER.

I'll be updating this just for myself as an accountability tool.


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