End of the year Draft

The end of the school year is a blur. It's tax season for accountants, Valentines day for restaurants, ending with a Black Friday type of revelry on the last day of school.  

It's hard for those outside of the school house to understand the ebbs and flows of a school year. Each day is not the same, each week brings a different vibe. providing crests and valleys that the teachers must deal with. 

The end of the school year means finalizing grades, which means parents will email every week to ensure that their child has every opportunity to get that A or B.  Forget the 35 other weeks of the year when turning in daily homework would have been great. 

It also is the busyness of every single activity known to man. This week we have Field Day, Career Day, a field trip, spring awards ceremony, a couple of concerts and all that leading up to final Exam week.  All coordinated brilliantly with to coincide with the weather getting warmer and Spring Fever peaking in the middle school minds. 


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