Highlights of 08

Alright, so I was thinking about what I wanted in 2009, but first I gotta give some applause for 08!!

1. The definite highlight of 08 is the Snuggnut! Stay tuned, cause I got bets it's going to be the highlight of 09 too.

2. I got back in touch with my sister!

3. I made it a mission to actively reconnect with all of my girls from back in the day.. and make sure that they know how much I loooove them. And that has been the biggest blessing of the year I think.

4. I did A LOT of community service in 08.. Project Open Hand, Piedmont Conservatory, Habitat, Atlanta Food Bank.. and other stuff that I can't even remember the name but I remember the people and the blessing it is to give back.

5. My mom called me for advice.. a sister is GROWING UP!!

6. My baby girl is sooooo cute.. she is 3 and a half and just a super blessing.

7. I am working at a new school, which is making me step my game up. As hard as it is, I am soo committed to giving it the best that I have.

8. I can say I am definitely alright, spending good time all by myself.

9. I became more confident in my religious beliefs.

10. I crossed the Atlantic and saw Versailles.

11. I hiked Sweetwater Creek, played on a softball team and did all kinds of things I thought I'd never do...

08 was kinda da bomb.. 09 is bout to be like Hiroshima (well a nuclear weapon without the destruction ya know)

The highlights were great, but I think the best were the quiet moments sharing a laugh or an e-mail or a facebook message with somebody who is funny and cool, and who knows me for me. I am blessed in so many ways, so I know as much as I strive for perfection, Imust be doing something right already and I am on the right path. On the real.!

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b.enchanted said...

Sounds like a good year. Snuggnuts are always good to have :) And sisters are fun, usually. Kudos for telling all of us oldies but goodies how much we mean to you. You are pretty fantastic yourself!
Everything gets better with time, so 2009 is sure to be full of excitement!

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