10k or bust!

So things are going well. I am working out ALOT. I am actively training for a 10k. I never thought I would want to run 5.2 miles, but I am actually doing it. YAY me! So that has me working out at least 5 times a week... running more and more each day. The race is April 25th! I am feeling much better since working out, and I have gotten some wonderful compliments from the people at work about how FABULOUS I look. Either way, the gut is going do twn, and i am feeling good about that.

I'll keep you posted.


b.enchanted said...

I admire you. Don't want to be you, but nonetheless... LOL. Keep it up!

T said...

Good job! I wsa wondering what all those fb statuses were about. I'm not a runner. I workout, but if I ran a marathon and ended up loosing weight, I might waste away.

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